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I have no idea if SWSA is just sitting there but I too remembered after they revised Fantasyland and dumped the fairies, part of the announcement was the Dwarf Coaster was that they were going to keep SWSA open until Dwarf was nearing completion but the attraction would be lost to a princess meet and greet, closing somewhere late in 2013 as I recall.

On May 31st I thought, OMG somebody hit me in the head with the "stupid stick."

I generally pride myself in being able to put the pieces of a puzzle together and I totally missed it on this one, why would they close this attraction during the start of the summer season and why so much sooner than originally anticipated. Duh. Snow White and Huntsmen opened on June 1st. D'oh. A Universal Picture. They closed just in time not to be fueling the new picture for the competition. Further, they left Snow White out of the naming of the new coaster. Oy again. It did strike me as odd that it was "just" the Dwarf coaster, at least for now, anything could change later, but for now, Snow White at the Magic Kingdom just seems to be on the outs with the Fantasyland expansion.
I actually doubt that had anything to do with the decision. There was already a Snow White-based movie out earlier this year by another studio. Plus ABC has Once Upon A Time, which revolves around Snow White's daughter and features several characters from the story. Disney even had it's own live action Snow White in the works which only just recently got shelved, long after they had actually announced the closing date of SWSA.

I have a feeling it was for more practical reasons. Even if they haven't fully started work on it, they'd want it ready to work on as soon as the work crews are ready.