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Walt Disney World (WDW) News Discuss Yet another lawsuit at WDW... in the News & Rumors forums; Suit: Disney Fired Woman Who Wore Hijab From Yahoo! news: ORLANDO, Fla. - Wearing a Muslim hijab, or head scarf, cost a woman both her jobs at Walt Disney World, ...
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    Yet another lawsuit at WDW...

    Suit: Disney Fired Woman Who Wore Hijab

    From Yahoo! news:

    ORLANDO, Fla. - Wearing a Muslim hijab, or head scarf, cost a woman both her jobs at Walt Disney World, she says in a lawsuit.

    "To stop you from working for practicing your religion doesn't seem right to me," Aicha Baha said Friday, several days after her civil-rights suit was served on the company. "There is a family here that is almost out on the street because of Disney."

    Disney policy generally prohibits any headwear but Disney-issued hats and visors.

    Disney spokeswoman Veronica Clemons said exceptions to the dress code for religious reasons are made on a case-by-case basis. "We do have cast members who have attire significant to their religions," she said.

    Disney policy prohibits discussion of lawsuits, she told the Orlando Sentinel.

    Baha, 32, worked at Walt Disney World from 1997 until mid-August 2002 and wore uniforms in her jobs as a part-time bellhop and a full-time sales clerk at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort, according to interviews and the lawsuit she filed last week in federal court in Orlando.

    She started wearing a hijab after taking maternity leave in 2002. She said her faith grew during that time.

    "It wasn't something just for fun," she said. "It's like God is asking you to do it."

    When she returned to her two jobs, she wore the scarf but her supervisors balked, she said.

    Disney fired her from the part-time post because she refused to remove the scarf, the suit says. She was allowed to wear the scarf at her full-time job, but she quit after being transferred to a location where her sales commissions fell from as much as $700 a week to $40 a week, the lawsuit claims.
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    It is very clear in the Disney handbook that you must fit the role and any extra 'stuff' on you is not accepted no matter what the background.

    She knew what would happen.

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    I hate these kinds of law suits. Isn't this why you are supposed to read the employee manual BEFORE taking the job?
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    I'm interested in the job that gave 700.00 a week in commisions...that's almost more than I make in two weeks!!!

    I'm in agreement...she knew it'd happen if it's in the manual...

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    700 a week in commission AND you get to work in disney!! sign me up!!!

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    You'd have to be selling an aweful lot of high ticket items to make 700 a week just in comission! I was surprised to find out when my ex worked for a jewelery store that they only get about 1% comission (it tends to vary anywhere from .5%-1.5% depending on the store).
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    Sue happy

    seems like everyone is sue happy these days

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