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I thought they had already gotten some of the permits, but I could be thinking of something else.

Now that FOTLK is closed, they can start work pushing the "real" dirt around for a while.

I still can't believe we're more than two years in to this, and only now they _might_ be starting the real work, and we still don't really know what it will end up being aside from guessing at a couple of paintings...
I'm still weary from the FLE that still isn't complete. I just can't get excited for another 5 or 6 year project. Even as pretty as FLE is, there is really not a lot of attractions smooshed into the expansion. Dwarf best be Grand.

Anyhow yes there is 'a' permit that really doesn't allow them to do much more than clear and push dirt around from around Thanksgiving. Nothing else has been permitted yet. For all I know they used that permit to move the dirt pile in for ground breaking.

Permit: Area Development Early Package http://or.occompt.com/recorder/eagle...t=DOC1315S2969