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Walt Disney World (WDW) News Discuss Dhs in the News & Rumors forums; Hearing that there is a strong rumor Disney will be announcing cars land coming to the east coast. Has anyone herd this?😰...
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    Hearing that there is a strong rumor Disney will be announcing cars land coming to the east coast. Has anyone herd this?😰

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    Re: Dhs

    I've heard that
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    Re: Dhs

    The other thread on this topic has taken a turn in discussion, so I've decided to post here instead...
    While I think Hollywood Studios needs work, I'm not sure about Cars Land. First of all, the article that was linked to said that Disney would announce Cars Land at DHS within the week - that didn't happen. Despite that, there are three reasons why I personally don't want Cars Land
    1) Disneyland / California Adventure has once again become a destination. If Cars Land is moved to DHS, it would take away visits to those parks. With all the work done to those parks (especially California Adventure) recently, they deserve to shine on their own and attract more than the mostly local crowds.
    2) Back when the parks were first being built, lands were designed around themes / ideas. Adventureland, Fantasyland, Future World, etc. I don't like the idea of themeing a whole area around one franchise (especially a newer franchise... Star Wars is a little different...). With building lands around general ideas, rides, shops, etc. can easily be swapped out if they become stale. What if Cars isn't as popular years from now? One ride is ok, but a whole land? I'd rather it be a general Pixar land with multiple franchises represented.
    3) Finally, and this hasn't been brought up yet (at least not that I've seen), if Cars Land is brought to DHS in the place of Lights Motors Action, it would ruin the themeing of the park. That back area of the park is, in fact, the "back lot" of the "movie studio". Full sets and finished buildings give way to plain concrete streets, sets with unfinished backsides, etc. Cars Land in California is a completed, "hot set" and would belong more in the Sunset Blvd area of the park. Lets not further destroy the themeing / story line of this park (I'm looking at you, Sorcerors hat...)
    End rant
    If anyone has input, I'd love to hear it. Agree or disagree?
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    Re: Dhs

    DHS doesnt need Radiator Springs Racers it needs Sugar Rush Racers

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    Re: Dhs

    i like that idea... a wreck it ralph type attraction based around the fix it felix game and sugar rush...
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    Re: Dhs

    Not sure Wreck It Ralph has earned its legs yet.
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    Re: Dhs

    Quote Originally Posted by supernova View Post
    Not sure Wreck It Ralph has earned its legs yet.
    I agree. Let's wait until there's a Wreck-it Ralph 2 (or at least some theatrical shorts) and it turns into the same kind of franchise as Toy Story or Cars.

    How about this idea ? A Sugar Rush overlay for Lights, Motors, Action. You could call it Lights, Motors, Sugar Rush!
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    Re: Dhs

    IMO, anything regarding DHS right now is just a rumor. Cars Land included....that's a pretty easy rumor to come up with (The DIS, who broke it most recently, never followed up on it and walked it back somewhat). I don't think they'd want to copy something done exclusively at DCA to that extent. Yeah, they could somewhat copy the concept, but I don't think it'd be wise to copy it completely.

    I'm really not in favor of Backlot or LMA being done away with. Like somebody has said, that's the "production" part of the park, or what's left of it.

    IMO, Disney needs to worry about Future World before they worry about anything else...
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    Re: Dhs

    I tend to believe Cars has a plan to arrive in DHS, yet Disney has a history of walking away from plans i.e., the Wharf as a recent example. There are countless projects over the 50+ years in DL and WDW that were drawn and shovel ready and scrapped. Heck the other half of Pop Resort sat in limbo for years half constructed. Disney also was thrown under the bus during D23 for the announcement or actually non-announcement during the festivities.
    IF they are really going to do Cars and that is a mighty big IF, D23 would be a nice time to make a formal announcement. That was their intention with Fantasyland until the plans leaked in to FanWorld.

    Duplicating Cars in DHS wouldn't be a new concept, actually since the MK opened. Many of the attractions with some tweaks were pretty much copies from DL. Later as attractions became true E's they were put into other Disney Parks, even shows like Fantasmic. The vast majority of guests do not hop around the country and world to visit a one of the kind attraction and for the few that actually do that, they are not Disney's focus as Disney already aware that they have those SuperFans.

    The backlot doesn't really exist anymore. The homes are gone, the production is gone it is like ride through of ghost town. The pre-show is cute for those who have not experienced it yet it is very stale after 20 years. LMA falls into the category of stale. It isn't really an antique yet but most agree that once is enough or twice at best.
    That is a great deal of square footage for Meh attractions to exist if something like Cars can be funded and built.
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