ORLANDO, FL-July 20, 2005 Terrell Owens' agent has been in the news lots lately. Today it's for something that has nothing to do with Terrell Owens' contract.

VIDEO: Gary Papa reports

At Disney World, Drew Rosenhaus saved a drowning 4-year-old from a pool.
Drew Rosenhaus/Terrell Owens' agent: "It was mass hysteria; people screaming, calling for help. Trying to keep the mom calm. The father was there. It was just a really scary scene. Fortunately I was just cool under the pressure and again, the instincts that kicked in. Hey, I'm always portrayed as the bad guy agent. It was just really a great feeling for me to do something good to help somebody having nothing to do with being an agent. This was Drew Rosenhaus the person, not the agent. It was the happiest day of my life... Hey, maybe the Eagles will show me some love and they'll see that I'm a good guy and that I helped this kid. Although he's from Chicago... maybe this will help me in my negotiations with the Eagles."
Rosenhaus plans on taking the four-year-old Chicago boy back to Disney World today. Disney is the parent company of the ABC Television Network and 6ABC.