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Walt Disney World (WDW) News Discuss Somber News for all Disney Theme Parks in the News & Rumors forums; Reading the following article, the reality of Next Gen seemed to even catch Iger by surprise and shame on him for that. The article is written by Al Lutz of ...
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    Somber News for all Disney Theme Parks

    Reading the following article, the reality of Next Gen seemed to even catch Iger by surprise and shame on him for that.

    The article is written by Al Lutz of Mice Chat. For those not familiar with Lutz, he has been reporting on all things Disney for a very long time and has the best inside sources IMO. His breaking news and predictions are almost always spot on, which makes this article very disturbing for the fans that had been looking forward to Disney investing in parks like DHS and Epcot.

    Disney's My Magic Plus Failure

    Then given what is written, it is still Disney's intentions to torture guests with the failure. And if Iger's legacy is not now in enough jeopardy already there is so much to ponder now. Iger possibly being lumped into Corporate failures as grand as the Edsel, BetaMax, Enron or even worse than the WDW Speedway concept. Iger is abruptly eating his own words bragging to the media about ride expansions and amazing Anniversaries celebrations that came from his lips only weeks ago. This is making Iger appear beyond clueless to the Florida's NextGen implosion, some legacy.
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    Re: Somber News for all Disney Theme Parks

    I think this article represents one valid point of view but a short term on. Iger's legacy will take a long time to write. He reminds me of a CEO that I greatly admired during my time at Citibank (before it merged with Traveler's and became Citigroup and later disgraced itself), John Reed. Iger's view, like John Reed's seems to be for the long term. His investments in the Lucasfilm and Marvel properties have demonstrated this. He is positioning the company to compete 5, 10 or 20 years from now and as a shareholder, Im very happy to see that. It is so refreshing to see someone not focused on the next quarter's analyst reports and what the stock price is going to do when analysts expectations are not met. As a frequent visitor to the parks I can also say that my magic + is a game changing innovation that will keep Disney Parks providing an unparalleled customer experience years into the future. It is something other theme parks do not have the expertise or the capital to implement anytime soon and for a family spending thousands on a week at the WDW resort, it will further distinguish the WDW resort from other options. As a fan, would I like to have some really cool new attractions, shows or other experiences in the short term? Sure, but I've been coming to WDW since it opened in 1971 and am now thrilled to be bringing my children some 40 years later. I'm glad there's a CEO that is putting the company in a position to be there for my grandchildren 40 years from now!
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