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Walt Disney World (WDW) News Discuss Hub Expanding in the News & Rumors forums; Do you like the idea of the hub expanding at the MK...
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    Hub Expanding

    Do you like the idea of the hub expanding at the MK

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    Re: Hub Expanding

    Yes and no. The hub can get pretty crowded at times and some of the routes from the entrance seem to get a bit crowded at times. If it helps make moving about a little easier, then I think it will be nice. On the other hand, I liked the "feel" of the "old" hub and am afraid that the new design may affect that feel. Unfortunately I'll have to see the final result before I can know for sure. Changing with a particular goal in mind is good, but changing just to change is bad and fortunately WDW is working with an eye on the former.

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    Re: Hub Expanding

    I like the idea of adding more room so it doesn't get as crowded but I do not like the idea of loosing part of the moat.

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    Re: Hub Expanding

    Does anyone have a recent update or recent pics of the hub progress?

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