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Walt Disney World (WDW) News Discuss New(er) Everest photos in the News & Rumors forums; If you're at all like me, you have been keeping an eye out for new pics of EE, but are frustrated by all the sites that limit you to thumbnails ...
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    New(er) Everest photos

    If you're at all like me, you have been keeping an eye out for new pics of EE, but are frustrated by all the sites that limit you to thumbnails and pics not much larger than thumbnails. So, I decided to go take some myself. Here's a collection of my latest EE pics, taken yesterday 11/13/2005.

    These are clickable thumbnails, and link to my medium resolution images hosted at Imageshack. Hopefully this wont eat up too much bandwith. If you want the full size copies of any of them, let me know and I'll e-mail them to you or something if ya like.

    From looking at this thing yesterday, if you haven't seen it in person yet, you really have to go take a look. This thing is really impressive. It's not even 200 feet tall, but it looks HUGE. This is probably the best example of forced perspecitive I have ever seen. The crane that's up kind of ruins the effect a little bit, and so does the large track emerging from a couple spots in the mountain... but just to look at the details on the surface of the mountain itself, it really does seem to go up a loooong way. It looks really authentic. But rather than me telling you about it... here's some pics. I'm going to let you be the judge.

    As seen from the bridge between the Oasis and Discovery Island

    From Dinoland outside the Theater in the Wild, before crossing the bridge to Asia.

    Just outside the wall. The mountain, the village, and some of the signage.

    Heading around towards the rest of Asia now, here's a look from the other direction.

    And just a couple other pics not of the attraction itself, but just a little something to show what kind of effect the yet to be unveiled Yeti is having on the park...

    Ok, according to the CM in front of EE yesterday, he's expecting CM previews by the end of December or sometime in January, and he says to keep an eye out for passholder previews by the end of Feb or sometime in March.

    Anyone else feel like getting together for a group "first expedition"? I'm more than willing to make time in my schedule to go ride as soon as I find out for sure when the passholder previews are going to be. If anyone else is going to be around for that time period, whenever it may be, it would be very cool to have at least a couple of us DWTers there to give a group ride review.

    And as I stated earlier, if anyone wants any of these pics in their full size, just let me know in this thread or PM me or something and I'll hook you up.
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    Iwould love to be able to come and ride that-marathon style. But, alas, I am too many miles away and too broke. When it opens, ride it for all of us that can't. Over and over and over.

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    This looks like it is going to be a great ride!!
    I just can't wait to get on it!!!!

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