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Walt Disney World (WDW) News Discuss Oswald back in Disney hands! in the News & Rumors forums; This was just sent to me..... You know how things come full circle sometimes? Like ABC (a fledgling TV network) helped fund Disneyland and showed all of Walt's programs...and years ...
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    Oswald back in Disney hands!

    This was just sent to me.....

    You know how things come full circle sometimes?
    Like ABC (a fledgling TV network) helped fund Disneyland and showed all of Walt's programs...and years later we bought them.

    Well, announced in the news today is another one of those amazing moments.
    As of yesterday, February 8th, after spending 78 years in a vault owned by Universal Studios, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit has finally come home to the Disney Company. In exchange for allowing Al Michaels (the ABC sports announcer) out of his contract so he could work for NBC (which owns Universal) the Disney company was allowed to purchase back the rights to and cartoons of Oswald the lucky rabbit. A moment in time of which I'm sure Walt would be proud.

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    That's so neat! I wonder what they'll do with him, if anything.


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    Glad he is back home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    How very exciting. Mickey sure owes a lot to Oswald.

    Welcome Home Oswald. I agree, it will be interesting to see what they actually do with him if anything.

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    Here's an New York Times article, complete with a quote from Diane Disney Miller:

    I appreciate that he is a man of his word, having Oswald around again is going to be a lot of fun.

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    Does anyone have a pic of this character? It's not ringing any bells for me.
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    Here he is!
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    This is great news. I knew a little about Oswald's history, and actually started replying to this post with questions to help fill in the blank spots in my memory, but the article Sam posted answered all my questions for me already. Thanks Sam.

    It's so good to see a Disney original, and the forerunner of the main mouse Mort... I mean Mickey, back home with the Disney team.
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    Yay for Oswald!!!!!!

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    yay! I'm so excited. Isn't it odd that after almost 80 years there are people out here who are happy to have something "back" that we never even knew much about! It gives me chills! I'm such a nerd!
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