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Walt Disney World (WDW) News Discuss Two accidents at WDW reported today in the News & Rumors forums; Orlando news reports two serious accidents on WDW property
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    Two accidents at WDW reported today

    Orlando news reports two serious accidents on WDW property
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    Lets hope the accident stuff is over more troubles....
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    no more accidents!
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    I heard the first the man who fell on Peter Pan's injuries aren't as serious as they orginally thought and that he's going to be fine... and the second one sounds like the driver was drunk, but I could be completely wrong.


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    First off, both of these, while serious and look bad on our part, sound like they are the faults of the victims. The car accident on BV Drive sounds like the driver wasn't paying much attention and the PP incident sounds like the gentleman fell where the boarding area goes from sidewalk to MOVING sidewalk. Also, on PP the moving sidewalk is soft so he could have not been paying attention and fell there. Both i hope are alright now (considering Disney will let them and their families "play" for LIFE) and that this is the end of the bad press for us.
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    accidents DO happen. No one can help that. Not even Disney. Fortunatly, none of these are actually Disney's fault so they can't take the blame.

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