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Walt Disney World (WDW) News Discuss ToT Confirmation! in the News & Rumors forums; "Evil Tower U R Doomed" is gone!...
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    ToT Confirmation!

    "Evil Tower U R Doomed" is gone!

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    Is that a bad thing

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    Disappointed in this. I hadnt noticed it before and was looking froward to seeing it next visit

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    How silly is this!? You are about to get on the Tower of TERROR that drops you like crazy and you are gonna get scared of a little sign!? People, get over your stupid little PC world and realize that Disney is all about the magic they create for you, enjoy it while you can.

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    ...sob. Now what? They took that out because curious people were stopping to look and holding up lines? I really don't think that was an effective move, because now you're going to have those same curious people stop and look (or take pics, in this case), just to pay tribute to the lost prop.

    Can we petition to bring it back?
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    What did that originally say? I try to observe all the little detail as much as possible, but I have never seen this.

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    Ooops disregard that last post, I missed the first line in the picture post.... srry

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    So THAT'S where it was supposed to be!!

    Even when it was there, I never knew where to look!! Lol, now that I know, I'm quite disappointed I missed it.
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    The Hidden Mickey that is supposed to be on the desk as soon as you enter the hotel lobby from outside (a pair of glasses, according to the book) wasn't there on my past trip. A CM, talking to me out of "character" on the side, said that too many people were blocking the doorway while looking for it.
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    Ugh. I'd rather deal with the lines than take away those brilliantly clever little details. It's little things like that that make Disney World Disney World.
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