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Walt Disney World (WDW) News Discuss Epcot's 25th Anniversary in the News & Rumors forums; I love soarin, but a new video (soarin over FLA?) would be cool....
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    I love soarin, but a new video (soarin over FLA?) would be cool.
    I am in need of some Disney magic!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DissyLove
    I love soarin, but a new video (soarin over FLA?) would be cool.
    The rumors that I've heard have said that a new Soarin' video would be from all over the world, trying to keep with the themes of Epcot.

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    I was wondering because we may go down next year and am planning well in advance. Would be nice to see the rest of America in Soarin' and the wand has to A parade in Epcot would be great.
    So does anyone have any comfirmed rumors...EHEM, COUGH ---LOU? Dude, spill the beans, we know you know....LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjo
    I've heard the same rumors as everyone else: possible new pavillion in the Wonders of Life, etc., but nothing official.
    Ah yes, I heard about that. It is going down for sure. What to replace it, not sure. But I think it's something along the lines of Pixar World
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    I've heard lots of rumors too, a new video from Soarin (heard directly from Soarin CMs, so this one may actually happen, cuz I've heard rumors that they finished filming and other stuff too on the tape, so this may have some weight), changing the Imagination ride (to bring figment back), new parade at night, and a new pavilion at Wonders of Life. I'm sure once the '50th' is officially over we'll learn what their next theme is.
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    Moving on...

    I'd like to see a parade at Epcot. A new show would be cool for Illuminations too even though I like the current one. Imagination COULD use a re-do... The current one freaked Billy and I out on Valentine's Day when we first went on it...
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    Rumor has it that for Epcot's 25th Birthday that the Imagination! Pavillion will reopen and will feture Figment and Dreamfinder in the ride and the theater.
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    Bring back Tapestry! I have the music & listen it to it every week! We need to make a petition to bring Tapestry back! Anyone wanna help me? It's hard 2 beleive Epcot is 25-2 years older than me! Im 23!

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