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Walt Disney World (WDW) News Discuss soarin' gets ride merchandise in the News & Rumors forums; this pic i took off of wandering the world section!!!!...
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    soarin' gets ride merchandise

    this pic i took off of wandering the world section!!!!

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    yea, when i went to disney world this summer i saw the little soarin' souvineir station. It is pretty cool
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    Great stuff. Very limited, but very fun. I hope they'll eventually come out with the flight suit that the cast members wear. That would be great to have.

    Did you notice if there are Pilot's Wings available?

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    My dad got the shirt when I was there.

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    Yeah - more things to buy in October!!!

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    I've been waiting for this for a while. Soarin' is one of my favorites (next to Everest) and I really only have the pin as a souvenir.

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    Better than it has been...but still pretty sad.

    I know we all complain about the "gift shop at the end of every ride" strategy at WDW...but I want a gift shop!!!

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    I agree... a lot of the time it's like "oh no, not another gift shop". But frankly, I've been looking for some Soarin' stuff other than the one t-shirt I was able to find before this.
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