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Walt Disney World (WDW) News Discuss Cinderella Castle Decorations 99% down (picture) in the News & Rumors forums; Yup, all but the mirror and the stage decorations are down. I thought you all would like to see a picture Bye Bye gold!...
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    Cinderella Castle Decorations 99% down (picture)

    Yup, all but the mirror and the stage decorations are down. I thought you all would like to see a picture

    Bye Bye gold!
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    Oh, sure---LEAVE the ugly mirror thing for last! lol

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    There are so many mirror haters!..Time for a paint job.
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    I hate the broach, I was hopping they'd be taking that down first, when I was there 2 weeks ago, have to see what changes they do in the next 100 days.

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    thanks for the pic, very interesting, i actually didnt mind the decorations, i thought they were pretty neat, but i'm happy to see the castle back to itself!

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    Its about time I say.

    P.S. I hate that mirror thing too.

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    99% down???? I think the Mirror was way more than 1%

    I didn't like the Mirror either.

    I sort of liked the gold as a nice way to dress the Castle up but that Mirror?!?!? Yuk!

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    Sorry to see them go---not!!!
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    I wonder what they're doing with the old gold figures.....
    Personally I liked the castle all dressed up like that. The only thing I didn't like is that UGLY mirror thing. Yeah, take that down!
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    I liked the gold too, but that mirror thing......UGHGGHGGHHHH!!! Wouldnt have been bad had it not been so overwhelmingly huge. It was pretty when it went all sparkly...but the thing was JUST TOOOOOO DARN BIG! I do like the term broach...perfect! LOL

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    The spires need some painting. Look really faded since they obviously couldn't touch them with the gold over them for 15 months.

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    Yesterday, they had a big crane next to the castle during park hours (I don't wanna know how many people complained about it being in their pictures). There was also some scaffolding behind the mirror thingy so it looks like it's coming down soon if it's not down already!

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    I hope that mirror goes is so ugly.
    Hope its gone & the painting all but done when we go.......................................It must be so annoying to wait 1/2/3 years to get to Disney ....& get a blooming big crane or scaffolding in your photos.

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    The mirror can go, but I am really, really going to miss the gold, I loved it that way...
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    As long as they take down the mirror and don't make it look gawdy like when it was a birthday cake, I'm happy.

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