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Walt Disney World (WDW) Rumors Discuss "Unofficial Disney World Guide" Books in the News & Rumors forums; Hey all Did anyone ever read any of the book in this (what I suppose is) series? In Orlando airport today (returning from the "Happiest Place On Earth") I read ...
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    "Unofficial Disney World Guide" Books

    Hey all

    Did anyone ever read any of the book in this (what I suppose is) series? In Orlando airport today (returning from the "Happiest Place On Earth") I read the 2007 edition. While it says in the beginning that it is no way affiliated with Disney, it did mention quite a few "rumors" for 2007 & 2008.

    Is this a book that might be reporting true information? Just wondering! If it is true there is much to be expected at Disney World.
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    A rumor is a rumor, it's just hearsay. There are thousands of them about the Disney Parks, very few of them come to life. But I would imagine it helps sell books and they are not responsible for it's accuracy because they are telling you it's just a rumor!
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    A lot of those rumors are straight from Jim Hill, not the actual writers. Jim Hill Media has been known to report quite a few false rumors, but are right a lot aswell. Just take anything you read with a grain of salt!

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    Like the guys said, rumors are rumors, but I like when the Unofficial Guide lets me know when a favorite ride or attraction may be closing for good. It's helpful to know for theri Touring Plans in the back of the book.

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    Well, first, welcome ibkidd37!!

    Len Testa, who is one of the writers of the book is on the wdwtoday podcast, and he usually tries to stick to the truth.
    Like everyone who said it above me, it says rumor, so it might or might not come true, just like all the rumors on this site.
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    If you're looking for a good book of Disney facts versus unfounded rumors... check out the book that started this forum!
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