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Walt Disney World (WDW) Rumors Discuss Space Mountain Myth/Legend in the News & Rumors forums; I'm only 5'2" but I'm still pretty skittish when it comes to putting my hands up on Space Mountain....
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    I'm only 5'2" but I'm still pretty skittish when it comes to putting my hands up on Space Mountain.

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    yeah i'm 5'1 and i am also white knuckling the bar the entire time...though i havent' been on SM in a while bc no one in my family will go on it with me...i think Disney is smart enough to plan for people to put their hands up on a ride like that...BTMRR i usually keep my hands up the entire time and i finally got my bro to do that too(he's a big chicken)...Splash Mt. i'm usually screaming bloody murder on the big drop while holding the bar in a death grip! but it's a "really i'm having fun i swear" kinda scream....

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    I don't know why, but I'm always trying to scrunch down in my seat on SM. I'm 6 feet tall and with the little bit of light that does flicker on and off, it looks like everything is really close in there. I'd rather not risk it.

    There is one verfied and one unverified incident on Space Mountain (1998 and 2000). After investigation, both were due to guests who dropped things while on the ride or onto the tracks.

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    "Timbo: There is one verfied and one unverified incident on Space Mountain (1998 and 2000). After investigation, both were due to guests who dropped things while on the ride or onto the tracks."
    ^^^what happened!?!

    also, I am afraid of the I have the bar on Space Mountain in a death grip...i'm a big chicken hahaha
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    I'm 6'0 and when I went through the blue light tunnel in the very begining I touched the top of it. I kept my hands down the rest of the ride but I don't think that they would build the tracks that close to each other

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    I'm 6' 0" and, like Don, I can touch the tops of the tunnels, but I cannot touch any of the structure during the ride. I keep my hand up the whole time and have never even though that I was that close to anything.
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    I only put my hands up a little because I'm always scared that I will hit the track above me
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    I am also a Tallman (movie reference). I don't put my hands up. even though I'm (almost) positive that I wouldn't be injured, sometimes, from what little I can see, those supports look awfully close.

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    I've heard that "rumor" before about the man who lost an arm or whatever when riding Space Mountain. I always thought that was a true story for some reason. So I have always held onto the bar extra tight. (I pretty much wrap my hands and wrists around it so that when I get off the ride, I am in alot of pain) But that's also party because I'm a chicken.
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    i have a feeling disney takes all this into account before building a ride they must factor in the average heights of people and everything so unless you are freakishly tall i highly doubt you will lose a limb lol!!!
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    I remember watching a special about roller coasters on Discovery Channel. Before they open any coaster they had this robot-looking thing that goes along the track. It had outstretched arms made of a styrofoam-type material that were about 7 feet long each. If the arms hit anything they would break and it would be deemed unsafe and adjustments had to be made.

    Sidenote - I'm 5'7" and I always duck. It makes the ride more thrilling when you're closer to the ground.
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    Knowing how cautious Disney is, I would think that if this happened to even one person and it was a serious injury, things would have been adjusted immediately. MissionSpace is a pretty good example of Disney making adjustments to rides for the comfort, safety and well being of its guests. Not to mention, it doesn't need a lawsuit...
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    Maybe we should test this theory. WDW could invite Yao Ming to MK and have him ride Space Mountain with his hands up. If he comes back with both arms, hands, and 10 fingers, then this thread will no longer be a rumor.

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    I think it'd be safe to say that if the supports really were that low... there'd be warning signs all over the place not to put your hands up. Without them someone can sue if they are hurt but with them it's just a dumb rider who didn't read. LOL
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    my thoughts are basically this:

    how fast are your hands traveling when you're riding space mountain? 24 mph

    how fast do u think your hands move when you give someone a hi-five? probably faster...

    so think, even if your hands DID hit the bars, it'd be like smacking your hand REALLY fast against a metal bar...

    its not like your getting hit with a baseball bat, which DEFINITELY moves faster than 24 mph and doesn't remove appendages (you're hands probably will hurt, maybe break your hands, but really just bruises) and that moving WAYYYYY faster than 24 mph

    so even if the bars are low enough for you to hit them (which they're not unless you're over 6' 5" would be my guess) you're not gonna lose your arms.


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