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Walt Disney World (WDW) Rumors Discuss Song of the South to be relased in the US?? in the News & Rumors forums; You can buy it on Ebay....
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    You can buy it on Ebay.
    I just love World of Warcraft.

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    I have a bootleg made from a Japanese laser disc and the quality is great, all the talking is in english but the songs all have Japanese subtitles. I would love to find out what the literal translation is of the subtitles.
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    I actually have a pretty good quality version on VHS that I need to transfer to DVD one of these days (that is, until I get the orffical release!)
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    I'm from Pittsburgh, but live in Tampa

    I Love SOTS

    I really hope they bring back SOTS! That is why I love Splash Mountain so much.

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