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Walt Disney World (WDW) Rumors Discuss Kid Tazered at Walt Disney World?? in the News & Rumors forums; Hey guys i was watching my favorite show last night (Late Night with Conan O' Brien) and in his monolog he was cracking some jokes and disney world was brought ...
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    Kid Tazered at Walt Disney World??

    Hey guys i was watching my favorite show last night (Late Night with Conan O' Brien) and in his monolog he was cracking some jokes and disney world was brought up. His jokewent something like this (but he said it more funnier):

    A child at Walt Disney World was messing around a little to much, and disney security guards actually tazered this boy...
    (i guess ill give the punchline)
    Afterwards the boy was sent to the back of space mountain where goofy and the rest of the gang was there to show him not to mess around anymore in WDW
    (it was said differently i cant remember how tho but this is basically the joke)

    After this Conan siad this was true but can anyone confirm this?
    Iv been ON space mountain when the lights were on!!! not in line...i was ON THE RIDE!!! I know your jealous...

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    Yes, theres a post on here about it that has the news stories as well. I wouldn't call the "kid" a "kid". I'd post a link to it but I'm a computer moron and don't know how but you can find it here under park news i believe
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    Here's a link to orginial thread on this topic.
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    It was a 17 year old girl who (among others) was assaulting a police officer.
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    What a shame.
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    Things need to clam down over at Walt Disney World because I think it's getting too much negative attention & people are going to actually think that the place isn't safe anymore.

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    I'd like to see Disney start taking a hard stance against these people that start trouble in the parks... like the 17 year old kid who was messing with Tigger in January (I was in a different park that day)... Kick them out for life!

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    why do people act like that.... I agree, just ban them, kick them out, and dont give them a refund... It should be a priveledge to be at disney world, not a right as bad as that sounds!
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    I agree, some action should be taken against them, these people are just plain inconsiderate because they're ruining the magic for the rest of us...

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