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Walt Disney World (WDW) Rumors Discuss News on the Epcot wand in the News & Rumors forums; LOL!! No one is angry. This is what forums are all about... especially these. You post something you have to be prepared for mixed responses. It's nothing personal!...
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    LOL!! No one is angry. This is what forums are all about... especially these. You post something you have to be prepared for mixed responses. It's nothing personal!
    Sometimes all you need is a reminder that out there lies a better place... a better world... a Walt Disney World.
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    Well this morning on her way to school, my daughter told me that she thought Pirates had come and stolen The Wand out of Epcot. So, that ought to lighten the mood around here and smooth any ruffled feathers.

    I was doing some serious chuckling over that theory!
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    sorry...i tend to get really defensive when it comes to me being right or wrong...I'm Italian, I can't help I think I'm in the midst of that womanly time.....heh

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    Quote Originally Posted by tawnilai View Post
    i like the wand it added disney magic.... otherwise it doesnt seem so disney like.. i dunno i like the wand and the mgm hat
    Well I think that was actually part of the problem...

    Epcot wasn't suppose to be completly "disney." It was suppose to be different. It was suppose to be futeristic, and experimental, and those were the things that made it magic...

    It had an independant magic that didnt need the aid of a giant sparkly mickey wand. It was out of place, had nothing to do with the attraction and has nothing to do with the themeing of future world, or the entire park. Why would it be there? It was just a cheap (relativly speaking) way for disney to look like it was doing something and it was a failure. It was in all technical terms a complete backfire.

    Not that I would have liked it at all but if it was say a rocket ship flying over Spaceship Earth it would make sense. If it was set of planets orbitting it would make sense but a giant magic wand in a "city of tomorrow"...why?
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    i dunno i just like it... that ball just seems naked

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