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I recently called to make reservations for Disney world in July. When I asked about extended hours for the parks.. They told me Magic Kingdom would be open until 2 am. (on July 13) I went on Disney website and it say the extended magic hours were until 11pm. So confused of course, I called Disney back and they confirmed that magic kingdom would be open until 2am. When I asked them why.. Their response was "its a secret" Does anyone know whats going on that night? Or why the park is gonna be opened until 2 am?
actually, the park times are what you saw on the calendar.
i guess when they said secret i guess they meant that it is little known and not really advertised by WDI.
but yea, they are extra magic hours for resort guests exclusively.
on XMH nights they are open three hours later at night or an hour earlier in the morning.