Scream scape has now had a couple of articles about the name changes will most likely happen around 2009 and some other new thing

Lots of buzz this week about the eventual re-branding of the park as Disney-Pixar Studios. From the sound of things, they are looking to tie lots of little announcements into this to build it up into a bigger event announcement. Other projects that could be tied to the announcement include the rumored start of a new “scary” Jack’s Halloween Party event at the Studios that would Jack Skellington as the icon character. There are people looking long and hard at the empty ABC Studios Theater building (former home to Superstar Television) to come up with something to put in there. And apparently a WDI team is looking into a variety of ride concepts that could possibly be put to use as the basis of a new Indiana Jones themed ride concept… if they can tie it into whatever the storyline is for the forth and final film.

and when the site for the rest of the info of name chages WDW - Disney-MGM Studios