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    where ever the compass points

    a new river country?

    I have serious doubts we値l see this rumor happen, but fans of the old River Country water park may be interested to know that Disney was rumored to be looking at possible new uses for the site. One possible concept tossed into the blender may expand and transform the site into a Pirate themed waterpark environment, possible based on one of the movie sets like Shipwreck City. It痴 a nice idea, but I think they値l have to make the site more accessible than it was in the old days and build a parking lot.
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    I'd love to see them do something with that area (other then more DVC's)
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    I would like them to do something with it, it isn't doing any good just sitting there
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    I would also love to see them do something with it as long as it nots pirates or nemo.... overkill!!

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    I really hope they restore it to it's former glory, except they shouldn't reconnect it to the lake, because that was what the original problem was.
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    Not close enough to the magic
    R.I.P. River Country

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    Please! Not another Pirate themed anything.

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    putting a pirate theme in that area could open up some pretty good opportunities. but, it might be overkill like most of you have already said.
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    Where exactly on property was River Country located?? I've gone since I was two and I was never at that water park and for the life of me I can't remember ever seeing anything about it. Thanks!!

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    River Country was on the shores right next to the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds. Right across from there the dock was for Discovery Island when it was there. And I agree no more pirate themed stuff!!!

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    That is impossible their are way to many crocs in those wateres someone will get hurt

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    A new or reopened River Country would be great/ We missed it when we first started going (if usually was closed in September, and then it closed down completely. I doubt they'd do another waterpark though, the other two rarely are at capacity except for in the summer.
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    Well, my 3 year old loves pirates, so it would make us happy. But I thought I had heard somewhere that it is really tough to re-engineer that area because of the water so they had put it on hold?
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    Disney is great at overkill anymore, especially pirates!
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    Its in such a sorry state at the moment was looking before at some pictures taken and then at some ariel shots (yes im a geek ) Seems such a waste, really eerie and abandonded look and feel to it. The one solitary inner tube in the "swimmin ole" with algae covering the top layer which is probably croc infested now...its just so un-disney like.
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