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Walt Disney World (WDW) Rumors Discuss News from The World in the News & Rumors forums; I got this from WDW News Today: 7/30/2007 Straight from WED Straight from the halls of Walt Disney Imagineering, a ton of news has come out about the future projects ...
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    Lightbulb News from The World

    I got this from WDW News Today:

    Straight from WED

    Straight from the halls of Walt Disney Imagineering, a ton of news has come out about the future projects that will be happening at WDW. First off, the old site of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and current site of Pooh's Playful Spot will be getting a new E Ticket/Big Budget attraction. Now, don't get too excited right away, the project is at the very least 3 to 4 years from completion. I can only tell of one minor detail, that is the project will not be a mountain of any kind, contrary to the rumors that have been floating aound since 1999. In an update on the rumors we had on future enhancements to the Many Adventures of Winnie he Pooh, the changes are going to happen, just not immediately. The reason for the extended time frame is mostly so Animation can have time to animate what they have to, and then Imagineering can test he new special effects. I do not have any more details other than it will be a three dimensional effect and it will be coming to the attraction sometime in the next two years. In updates taking place this year, some major details have emerged on both Spaceship Earth and The Haunted Mansion. Spaceship Earth's new final scene will feature mirrors and projections that will feature whatever you choose on one of the touch screens that will now be on every ride vehicle. The effect will be much like the hitchhiking ghost scene from the Haunted Mansion, just a lot more high tech and interactive. This will basically be an in ride ad for Siemens. In Haunted Mansion News, the newly announced never ending staircase scene will have some floating objects much like the floating chandelier scene. Not only will there be stairs as far as the eye can see, but plenty of spooky objects to keep guests coming back for more. WDI also confirmed the addition of the two other scenes, the floating Madame Leota crystal ball in the seance room and the new Bride/Attic Scene. Thats it for now, more news later today!!!
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    Excellent info!

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    wow! that ending part of spaceship earth kind of reminds me of horizons where you got to pick the final scene with a button on the ride vehicle (except this will be projected) I really hope I like it!
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    Maybe we'll get that villans themed attraction that has been floating thru the rumor mills for so long now...
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    Don't forget the new staircase scene in Haunted Mansion.......
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    Great updates. Thanks for the info.

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    Great news!! Thanks for the info!
    Can't wait to go back !!!
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    Sounds AWESOME!! i cant waiit for all the new editions!!

    two thumbs way up

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