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Walt Disney World (WDW) Rumors Discuss News and Rumors from WDW News Today in the News & Rumors forums; I got this from WDW News Today: News and Rumors A bunch of rumors are making the rounds today and I just wanted to take some time to discuss them. ...
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    Lightbulb News and Rumors from WDW News Today

    I got this from WDW News Today:

    News and Rumors

    A bunch of rumors are making the rounds today and I just wanted to take some time to discuss them. First off, it has been rumored that The Diamond Horshoe in Fronteirland will be reopening this fall to address the number of guests taking advantage of the Disney Dining Plan special. The rumor is almost a definite as the Tomorrowland Terrace will not be changing over to a buffet again this year. The bigger rumor is that the Disney MGM/Pixar Studios may be recieving a Ratatoille spinning coaster. I have not heard anything on this yet, but it is quite possible that this would be the new E Ticket coming to the studios before 2010, or maybe there's something bigger. In news from Walt Disney World, the Epcot Wand made some more progress yesterday, as Mickey's hand on the side facing the park entrance is now gone. The rest of the arm will probably disappear sometime today. In news you have probably heard, the Jedi Training Academy is becoming a permanent fixture at the Studios. The stage is situated outside the Star Tours attraction, just beside the parade entrance gate. More News Later Today!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by disneyfanatic101 View Post
    I got this from WDW News Today:
    My opinions on these rumors :

    1. Rumor one : The Diamond Horseshoe reopining in the fall. Gosh, I hope so. The Magic Kingdom, to me, seems to be lacking on food choices (not like the Animal Kingdom, but still...lacking). It will be great to have another option. I just hope that some more rumors of the Tortuga resteraunt start circulating, and come to fruition.

    2. Rumor two : Rattatoulle coaster at MGM. I LOVED this movie. Probably the favorite film I've saw all year. The more Remy I get, the better.... That being said... I really don't know how this film can translate well into a coaster? If they can make it work, then, rad....but I just don't see it. (guess that's why i'm not an imagineer, eh?) Give me an INCREDIBLES RIDE!!!

    3. Rumor/News three : Wand slowly but surely coming down. I just hope it's gone by the time I get there in September!!! Photo Op time!

    4 Rumor four : Jedi Academy. This should be cool. My son is four, going on five, and he would get so much out of this. He is pretty familiar with the Star Wars Characters, and loves me and him acting out scenes from the movies.... Any word on a timeframe for this thing opening?


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    i absolutely LOVE Star Wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh, and i will post some EPCOT Wand pictures from July 31 as soon as my Dad downloads them onto our computer
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    I'd love to see a Rattatoulle rollercoaster if it involves zipping through a Disney-fied Paris. How fun.
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    Several of these rumors have been already discussed by Lou on the WDW Radio Show Podcast.
    - Diamond Horseshoe IS already open, reportedly serving pre-packaged sandwiches at lunchtime.
    - No idea about a Ratatouille coaster. There seem to be some much more likely properties they could use first (Incredibles and Cars)
    - wand reports are in a couple other threads here. Bye-bye!
    - Jedi Academy is currently running on a temporary stage (where described by Screamscape). There are construction permits filed for a large permanent stage to be built outside the Star Tours attraction, and casting calls have gone out for people to portray Jedi and Sith characters for multiple shows a day.
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    I've heard some rumors about adding a new coaster to MGM before long. Supposedly an Incredibles-themed coaster, which I think would be so awesome!

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    I love the Diamond Horseshoe! I really wish they'd bring that back. They need more places for the dining plan folks.

    The bigger rumor is that the Disney MGM/Pixar Studios may be recieving a Ratatoille spinning coaster.
    While I heard this was a cute movie, I doubt it will pan out into a ride. An Incredibles coaster would make much more sense, but I think the Parrs are past their prime....they should have made that attraction three years ago.

    We'll have to wait and see...only time will tell!
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