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Walt Disney World (WDW) Rumors Discuss Disney Looks at New "Trackless" Ride System in the News & Rumors forums; An article here about Disney interest in a new ride that just opened in Oregon that could bring new technology to the Disney parks. Team from Disney examines Enchanted Forest's ...
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    Disney Looks at New "Trackless" Ride System

    An article here about Disney interest in a new ride that just opened in Oregon that could bring new technology to the Disney parks.

    Team from Disney examines Enchanted Forest's newest ride
    August 20, 2007

    The Walt Disney Co. sent a team to the Enchanted Forest Wednesday to check out The Challenge of Mondor, a trackless indoor target shooting ride. Disney "Imagineers" came to the Turner theme park to research the possibilities of using the same ride system in Disneyland, Enchanted Forest officials said. Barcode technology guides The Challenge of Mondor's cars. That allows the cars to have a greater range of movement than vehicles hooked to a track. The trackless ride system was built by ETF of the Netherlands. It is the only trackless ride system built by ETF in the United States, Enchanted Forest officials said. The ride "sends riders on a quest to fight dragons and monsters and free the happy little drumlins," according to the theme park. Riders use infrared guns to vanquish their opponents, and the cars have on-board score-keeping units. Top scorers are given medals and have their names engraved on a plaque at Enchanted Forest. The park is at 8462 Enchanted Way SE in Turner.
    -- Michael Rose

    Source: The Statesman Journal
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    Do you think this will be incorporated into the new Toy Story ride??
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    I wonder what is the difference between this and the trackless technology they use for the Tokyo Disneyland Winnie the Pooh ride & the DisneySeas Aquatopia ride.
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    Toy Story Mania Construction has already started so I don't think it will be used there, but possibly in the future!
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    Sounds intriguing, but if they are just checking it out now, it will certainly not make any new rides that are in production or nearing production.
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    I have a hard time believing that this is the first Disney would have heard of or gone to check out this technology. They have to have better connections than that!

    Tokyo's Winnie the Pooh ride uses a LPS (local positioning system), sort of along the lines of GPS but at a much smaller level. According to Wikipedia:
    "The patented system works by directional data being relayed from a master control computer directly to each individual honey pot car through a complicated matrix embedded within the actual floor tiles. Every few seconds, the master computer generates a random path and ‘steers’ the honey pot in real-time, so as the cars roll through the ride the vehicles are, in fact, being told where to go. Because this system is in real-time, they can maneuver accordingly in just fractions of a second. This also allows for spontaneous yet synchronized ‘honey pot choreography’ with groups of honey pots (as many as 8 in a single show scene) appearing to ‘dance’ with the others, often timed with ‘beats’ in the music. Due to limitless variations possible, each journey through the attraction is unique. Aquatopia (at Tokyo DisneySea just next door) is the only other ride in the world to use this groundbreaking ride technology."
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    i think the new technology could open alot of doors for disney especially with attractions for the new park!!! it will be interesting to see how diffeerent that type of ride is compared to one on a track!
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