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Walt Disney World (WDW) Rumors Discuss SSE Refurb Rumors in the News & Rumors forums; Lou reported this week, along with a few other websites, that there are rumors going around that "Tomorrow's Child" is being re-recorded for the update to SSE. Also rumored is ...
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    SSE Refurb Rumors

    Lou reported this week, along with a few other websites, that there are rumors going around that "Tomorrow's Child" is being re-recorded for the update to SSE. Also rumored is that Patrick Stewart may be the new narrator.

    Personally, I would be up for either of these rumors becoming true. Having Tomorrow's Child back would be terrific since I miss that part of the attraction so much. Changing narrators once again would be great too, because the true spirit of EPCOT is to have the place constantly changing. While I like the Jeremy Irons narration, and still miss the Walter Cronkite narration, Patrick Stewart seems like a great fit for the role.

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    I like the Patrick Stewart idea, not so sure about "Tomorrows Child".
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    I really like the Jeremy Irons narration but if they were to replace it, Patrick Stewart would definitely be a great option.

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    I never cared for "Tomorrow's Child" that much. But the idea of Patrick Stewart doing that narration!!!!!! Whoo wee!!!!! His voice, inflection and tone are just PERFECT. When is SE scheduled to reopen so we'll know for sure?

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    Patrick Stewart would be a great fit!

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    what is tomorrows child...not sure i remember it
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    Tomorrow's Child was a theme song that was added to SSE during the mid 80's. It disappeared when the Jeremy Irons narration was added in the 90's.

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    i like Tomorrow's Child and would enjoy it coming back. I wouldn't mind Patrick Stewart, Sean Connery or James Earl Jones doing the narration. It would be great.

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    I would love to have Patrick Steward do the voice over, but I love the curent theme song (if you can call it that). The music when your desending back to Earth is absolutly perfect.

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    The Cronkite version didn't really have a score to go through the ride, it was just him narrating up until the descent downwards and that's when Tomorrow's Child played. I do miss that song, but then again I have grown fond of having a nice score to go all throughout the ride including the descent downwards. I hope there's a way to blend the best of both versions as far as music goes. We'll all have to wait and see how the next version goes, and I'm also looking forward to the "choosing your future" feature ala Horizons. I wonder if they'll make the display look like something found on the USS Enterprise, or maybe they'll have some other trekkie insider joke in there?

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    I've heard nothing from the test & adjust crew about the return of 'Tomorrow's Child," but the Patrick Stewart rumor is running wild.

    And I know many people were hoping for padded seats, but it would appear that the only changes to the ride cars are the LCD screens that have been added, and some sort of plates between the cars to keep guests and items from falling into the track between them.

    They have also updated the ride system with new operator consoles, etc... But that doesn't really affect the guest experience much.

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    Admit it! You all want a Stitch voice over!

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    i would love to see tomorrows child come back!!!!! i miss that song and i think im probably one of the few teens that actually remembers it lol!!! im felling old now!! jk i hope the narration thing definetly happens becuase my car was a tad scratchy when i rode it in july!
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    Patrick Stewart would be a great narrator, but I'm all set with Tomorrow's Child... I'd like to see a brand new song instead

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    Make it so!!!!!

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