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Walt Disney World (WDW) Rumors Discuss disney ride in the News & Rumors forums; Does any one know why they closed 20.000 leagues under the sea? paul...
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    disney ride

    Does any one know why they closed 20.000 leagues under the sea?


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    Best I can remember, it was a combination of the cost to run it and repair it, and the low number of guests that rode it.

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    NJ, unfortunately.
    They thought it was too old and that younger kids wouldn't understand the plot.
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    Most rumors are the cost of upkeep and loading times took too long. It was also not handicap accessible.
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    I just saw on some travel show the other day that they reopened the one in DL as the Nemo ride. I had no idea.
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    well, it was quite a hassle to maintain and to run, but the reason it wasn't given a second chance is because a bunch or employees and maintinence workers wanted to lighten their workload. When one of the disney bigwigs came to test it out and see if it could be repaired and refurbished, they put him in the worst submarine they had and threw buckets of water into the bottom to convince him that the ride was dangerous and beyond salvation. If you go to, you can see a bunch of pictures of it, as well as what happened after it was shut down. It's creepy but facinating.

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    NJ, unfortunately.
    Oops! Due to an accident,'s data was erased. The creator said the he'd get the site refurbished soon though.
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    They shouldn't have taken it all out. That lagoon could've becomae like the Nemo at DL, or The Little Mermaid-I wouldn't go on it, but at least it would be something other than the Playfull Spot that is the first dissapointing pice of work Disney has ever done.

    I may have watched too many Spy moives, but maybe the CMs that got the ride shut down learned about the site and hired their nerd of a brother to cut it all down. Just a thought.
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