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Walt Disney World (WDW) Rumors Discuss Mouse Ears in the News & Rumors forums; I heard a rumor that you will no longer be able to get your name put on your mouse ears. Has anyone else heard this? If so, when does this ...
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    Mouse Ears

    I heard a rumor that you will no longer be able to get your name put on your mouse ears. Has anyone else heard this? If so, when does this start? We're going in Feb. and I want my kids names on the back!

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    You will still be able to get your name on the ears, but the rumor is that they are eliminating the Hand-guided sewing machines and replacing them with computer-guided ones. The computerized ones are already in use in all the parks, with the exception of a few locations in the Magic Kingdom (Le Chapeau, Sir Mickey's, and County Bounty). I will check next week and see if I can get any further information for you.
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    That makes me feel better. I was beginning to freak out! I wonder if they will still have that same look? Guess I'll just have to wait and see! Thanks!

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    whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttt they are getting rid of all of them? Even the one at Le Chapeau? That makes me sad
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    When I was there the first week of Jan. '08 I asked if this was true. The lady doing the lettering at that the Le Chapeau said it was going down for a refurb, but did not hear of them going to computerized machines. I told her it would be a true loss to the guests, becuase what they do is a true form of art. I must have made her day because she did not charge me for the lettering on my daughters first pair of ears.
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    If they go to strictly computerized I think that it will take away from the personalization of each of the set of ears. While most names may end up being close to the same there may still be little differences that make each pair special. I hope that it does not go away forever.
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    Does anyone know if they personalize the groom and bride ears??
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    FWIW, I too visited Le Chapeau the first week of Jan 08. Yes, the machines are going away - there is no doubt of this - even after a minor cast member revolt. I spoke with an area manager and the reasoning is actually two fold:

    1. They are actually bad for the cast members. With the constant vibration etc the machines put out, the cast members would eventually, within a year or less, develop wrist and elbow issues.
    2. The computer driven machines are simply faster, ie faster in and out of the shops. (Yes, it's money related I'm sure.)

    While I was fairly cynical before I heard of the health risks, my opinion of the change was somewhat tempered by the new information.

    For now, I'll buy the health risks and move on (of course, it helps that I have my 2 year old's name on a set of ears!).



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