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Walt Disney World (WDW) Rumors Discuss Adventurers Club Rumor from Rumor Mill in the News & Rumors forums; Quote: The Adventurers Club IS dead, but it will rise again like the phoenix - with a different name, story line, and time period. It may even have a food ...
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    The Adventurers Club IS dead, but it will rise again like the phoenix - with a different name, story line, and time period. It may even have a food element added to it. Stay tuned, because I believe we will hear more about this sooner rather than later.

    I'm sorry but how can that quote be considered rising again?

    Similar-They said they were relocating Chef Mickey's from DTD, an excellent sit down restaurant. When relocated the only thing remotely the same was the name. While it is good as far as buffets go, it doesn't have the class or the quality that the sit down did.

    If they just packet up all the artifacts from the Adventurers club, the cast and built it a new home they'd have a hit again. My vote is between Epcot and MGM on the Lake somewhere. Perfect end to an adult evening exiting Epcot or MGM.

    What the quote is stating might be a hoot but it isn't the second coming.

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    I wouldn't mind some changes. Maybe focus more on food rather than drink.

    This statement kinda gets my goat. It has been a regular pattern of Disney lately. Saying something that is clearly a lie of at best an exaggeration and trying to make it sound like it is great news. I'd rather they just be honest. I would respect them more.

    Some examples of what I'm talking about is when Disney raises prices or cuts benefits they claim it's due to Customer demand. Charging tips on the DDE to "make the dining plans more uniform" Well if that was true they wouldn't have removed tips from the DP at the same time. More likely the DDE were getting cheap and not tipping enough.

    I still love Disney as a whole but I've been getting pretty ticked off lately.

    Please, I'm a big boy, a little honesty please.

    Just say we want out of the bar business because it gives us too much bad press, but we do have a restaurant idea you all might like. While it is not the Adventure's club it will have a feel that we think you will like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HauntedGabe View Post
    What the quote is stating might be a hoot but it isn't the second coming.
    Hence my comparing it to Pooh vs. Toad. Use of the same building but completely redoing everything inside, isn't exactly bringing something back to life in my opinion. But hey, anything is possible.
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    Actually I think a couple of you guys might be on to something ... maybe to "diminish the bar vibe" they are going to bring it back as a table service restaurant, which falls in line with the rumors for PI ... which would be good ... but that still doesn't explain the different name, story line, and time period.
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    Call me an optimist, but I really don't think we're going to be facing a Mr. Toad-level rethinking of the building. I really think it's in Disney's best interests to keep things as close to the original spirit of the AC as possible. Even if that means an Indiana Jones theme or change to a table service type restaurant, I don't think it's necessary to completely redo the interior. Indy is an adventurer and an archaeologist, so the decor fits that theme. And even if it isn't Indy themed, a change in time period doesn't necessitate changing the atmosphere.

    I actually never got the sense of going back in time when going to the AC. It was more like the characters were stuck in a previous era and never really modernized with the rest of us. So to me, a change in time really doesn't mean that much.

    The different story line would have to go hand-in-hand with the time change. While that may be the biggest change in spirit, I'd rather pin my hopes on Disney not screwing this up, rather than be cynical and cry foul before we know anything concrete.

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    I was talking to Tim Devine the other day (another die hard AC fan) and said that if I was in Imagineering I would've suggested:
    • Move it to DAK. It has a huge parking lot and is the first park to close
    • Build the facility much more spacious than the old to accommodate better sized tables for different party configurations.
    • During park operating hours, run the facility as a themed sit-down restaurant (not dining theater, just themed)
    • After the park closes and with enough time to do the switch over, it becomes the Adventurer's Club we all knew and remembered
    I don't have a problem with a change in time period or story-line. Even Marvell Comics re-imagined their famous comic book characters and rebooted the franchise in a more modern time period to pull in new and younger fans.

    If they stuck with the same philosophy as the old facility and just changed the setting, characters, and storyline, we'd all have something new to fall in love with.

    But, by putting it at DAK and using the facility as a restaurant during the day it would make the building more profitable. I'd also go as far to say, let it be accessible from outside the turnstiles like the Rainforest Cafe, so people can eat there without having to enter the park. We already know they know how to make a restaurant with an outside facing entrance and an inside-facing entrance (Rainforest Cafe).

    In these trying times where people still want to pay rock-bottom prices for top quality product, there will have to be some sort of element to the setup in order to make it happen. A way that the building makes money all day long.

    Even if you didn't have large amounts of patrons at night, the daily dining business could make up for that slump.

    Heck, since it would have a kitchen setup, they could even entertain the idea of serving "night fare" during the evening portion in a separate part of teh building with it's own "festivities" to go with it.
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    To those who believe that AC is dead,don't be so sure.As of this point,the building is still there,as well as interior,only thing needed at this point is a signature.Not to mention the fact that Marcel is taking the members on "a year long" adventurers cruise.AC fans will understand what this means. I can't get into details at this point as I am waiting on more info,but "the year" discussed at this point is pretty interesting.

    I want to add. To those who are writing to save AC,keep doing so.Trust me when I say this,..Those letters,although to some out there feel that individually they are not worth anything,are in fact worth a thousand signatures.They have gotten the attention of the higher ups. Also if you happen to be in DTD and are approached for a guest survey..PLEASE DO IT!!! When asked if you have any thoughts on improvements for DTD,mention and offer up your thoughts about the closing of PI and AC. The reason I am saying this is it has come to our attention that on the P.D.As used by those CMs,that at the bottom of the screens there is a note prompting them to steer the guests away from making positive comments about PI during the surveys.

    For info for those who wish to write.

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    I never made it down (no one told me how cool it was until too late) so I hope this rumor works out.
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    My thought had always been to move the AC to one of the resorts. I would think it would fit best in AKL but really any deluxe resort would work. This was they wash the bad taste of PI out of the AC and reinvent it elsewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RBrooksC View Post
    My thought had always been to move the AC to one of the resorts. I would think it would fit best in AKL but really any deluxe resort would work. This was they wash the bad taste of PI out of the AC and reinvent it elsewhere.
    I agree completely. I was never much impressed with the bar offerings. I was always more of a dive bar kind of guy over the clubs anyhow. The Adventurers Club was by the far the best attraction on Pleasure Island (and one of the best on property in my opinion). A very distant second was the Rock N Roll Beach Club and they closed it a long before the rest of PI. Personally, I hope they drop it in the Boardwalk area. The theming might be off, but as a frequent guest at the Beach Club... it'd be great to have it in walking distance. Although, I'd be satisfied if they brought it back, regardless of location... as long as it kept the spirit of the original.

    But the fact that they put a time frame on their latest adventure keeps me hopeful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MayBWeRMnt2B View Post
    Yes I miss it.
    I just wish that people would have supported it BEFORE it disappeared, not just made a big deal out of it at the end. That's why it disappeared, is that it only had huge support at that end.
    I think you nailed it. Through the haze of nostalgia everything seems better than it really was. I just wish that when they replace something, the new thing would be an improvement. For example, the playground that replaced 20,000 Leagues is a lousy trade. Losing an E-Ticket ride and getting that is not an improvement.

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    I agree that this would be a great addition to AK. And I agree it was a great club. And it seems that all good ideas at Disney eventually get recycled.
    I've got to say that if it didn't bring in enough cash and / or fit with the Disney image, maybe it wasn't a good enough idea to get recycled...
    Just my two cents..
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    I think they should put the Adventurers Club in Adventureland-as corny or cliche as it sounds, or at least bring a "Streetmosphere" type show to the area in front of Jungle Cruise.....considerring that the AC was a popular spot among Jungle CM's.

    Has anyone else heard the rumor about Disney building an actual park to be open at night containing partying and clubs?
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    I loved the Adventurers Club - my wife and I went there during our honeymoon and had a great time. I can see why it was hard to keep going, it's for adults (ie - booze) and really required repeat business, but WDW is not really geared for people to do a lot of repeat business. It's hard to visit weekly when you live in another state.

    But, I loved the concept and implementation. I would happily go to another version. The way Disney works, they would do their best to improve on the original idea.


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    I think it would be great in DAK, AKL or Adventureland. The treehouse has got to go anyway. There is nothing at the Pocohontas show area

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