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Walt Disney World (WDW) Rumors Discuss Wonders Pavilion in the News & Rumors forums; I remember it being mentioned before either here on on another forum that Nintendo would be a great option for a sponsor with Wii Fit and their marketing campaign for ...
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    Re: Wonders Pavilion

    I remember it being mentioned before either here on on another forum that Nintendo would be a great option for a sponsor with Wii Fit and their marketing campaign for the Wii itself being more social and active.

    I know we have to admit that it will probably never open again as it was, but it really does seem a shame to let such a huge space fall by the way side.

    This pavilion is a prime example of something being taken away and nothing put in its place. I loved Horizons, but like Mission Space. I really liked World of Motion, but Test Track is fun. In these and many other cases around the parks, an attraction was taken away but almost immediately another was announced to take its place. At this point, I think we'd be happy with almost anything to go into that location as long as we had another Future World attraction.

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    Re: Wonders Pavilion

    that's very true. I'd rather have a worse attraction/pavilion than none at all.
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    Re: Wonders Pavilion

    Quote Originally Posted by Disney2000 View Post
    I really hope they do something with this pavilion...
    Yeah... you said it... SOMETHING. In my mind, that means some sort of attraction.

    How about something exploring robotics? That could be futuristic... kinda like Walt hoped to see.

    They could also add fun characters like the Living Character Initiative that brought us Crush and Remy... only now I'm finally seeing a home for Wall-E... and the possibility of a story along the same theme for a ride-through attraction.

    Of course, I don't know how many people feel this way... this is just my humble opinion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Disney2000 View Post
    I'd love to see a ride/future world table service restaurant (not how sure it is) in the Oddysey place. Perhaps a future (almost horizons/space-y/ science-y) themed restaurant?
    Yeah... or robotics-y... should my above thoughts be realized by imagineers.

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    Re: Wonders Pavilion

    I think the problem is they (we too, maybe) have lost the sense of optimism; that the future can be a fun adventure. Also, since basing a ride on the future is just a prediction any attraction based on a futuristic premise will quickly become outdated and need to be frequently re-worked. That would necessitate more $$$ needed to keep it fresh...and we know how Disney feels about spending money.
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    Re: Wonders Pavilion

    miss this shame disney has closed so many different items that were liked by many

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    Re: Wonders Pavilion

    I think more people are upset that there is a useless building instead of missing Body Wars

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    Re: Wonders Pavilion

    WoL Fan has/got a great idea about the WII. I also thing that the My Pyramid thing that is like on boxes of cereal and stuff.I think it is put on by the government or something. Am I the only one that things that companies should be like running to sponsor stuff at Disney Parks because it gives them advisement?? Also if obesity is a huge problem in the US cant they get some health thing to sponsor it... like a hospital or something like that. At first when I was reading this I was like ok I really do not care I have never been there but then I reading the post about the x-rays I was like oh I was there on my first trip we were in WoL for a long time because it was raining,. I really hope that it will find a sponsor and re-open.
    On a side note: Is all the stuff still in it????
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    Re: Wonders Pavilion

    I've heard reports from people going for seminars during Flower & Garden in the Wonders Pavilion that the place is nearly gutted inside.

    Haven't been inside personally since it was last open in '07.
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    Re: Wonders Pavilion

    I think that the answer to the sponsorship problems can be easily fixed by doing something like a co-sponsorship between 2 companies. For instance a company like Ford may be ok to pay 1/2 the sponsorship and have Firestone Tires pay the other 1/2 of the sponsorship for a place like Test Track.

    Maybe a company like Nike could co sponsor with a company like Gatorade for the wonders of life. They could just make it a Health and Fitness Pavilion.

    You would not be able to do co-sponsorship with companies that are competitors. Like GM and Ford would not work. However, so many industries already have agreements with other companies in the real world. The two companies could sponsor a pavilion and create something magical together.

    I also would not mind seeing the Universe of Energy turn into something a little more "green". Everyone likes the dinosaurs but maybe we could stop promoting fossil fuels and start promoting green technologies more. There is plenty of room behind the pavilion. What about the first all solar powered rollercoaster in the world (if ones does not already exist).

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    Re: Wonders Pavilion

    Quote Originally Posted by Sorria View Post
    I've heard reports from people going for seminars during Flower & Garden in the Wonders Pavilion that the place is nearly gutted inside.

    Haven't been inside personally since it was last open in '07.
    There is something in there from the Flower & Garden Festivale that is open to everyone so I'm sure it's easily seen. It isn't open all the time, just certain days and times. We noticed it on this past trip but didn't hit it when it was open.
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    Re: Wonders Pavilion

    From what a friend told me, Cranium Command is still there. He had photos to prove it too from snooping during F&G this year.... poor Buzzy sitting in there snoring away in a blanket of dust. I'm not kidding either. As for the fate of Body Wars, I don't know.

    Such a waste of space and a wonderful idea at that.

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    Re: Wonders Pavilion

    well espn could be part of this great cross promotion with Nike/gatorade/ wii fit/ or something sports related
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    Re: Wonders Pavilion

    I personally think another insurance company such as New York Life or Prudential Financial should sponsor a WoL 2.0. If Nike sponsored it, I wouldn't be too happy seeing the Nike "Swoosh" everywhere, and trust me when I mean everywhere. Gatorade would demand everything mention Gatorade being the healthiest thing on Earth, ala Idiocracy. Then again, isn't that what all sponsors do :P

    As for the attractions within, we need something new and totally original. As cool as Body Wars seemed (as I never got a chance to ride it), Disney has never brought back an attraction from extinction. What about bringing in the roller coaster through the bloodstream WED planned back in the late 1970s?

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