The rumor itself had been around for a long time. And yes, it was supposed to show the stages you go through and you end up visiting the Doc. Is it true? No! Keep in mind that the German version of Snow White based on the Brothers Grimm, included the Seven Dwarves, but Disney added the names in order to give each dwarf a unique personality, nothing more, nothing less. Also keep in mind that everything Walt did was done by storyboard in a room that included brainstorming sessions with all of his story men and animators so they would have all been in on the "Secret." Surely, someone would have revealed this little nugget of information over the years if it were true. But like Walt's impotence, his racism, anti-semitism, disdain for women, abuse of his employees, etcetera, it's simply a juicy piece of gossip. Completely untrue!