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Walt Disney World (WDW) Rumors Discuss Studio Backlot Bulldozed???? in the News & Rumors forums; Hey this is great. Open up Pixar Place. This would give so many opportunities for Disney. Studio Backlot hasn't been doing well lately. Not alot of people go, it just ...
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    Re: Studio Backlot Bulldozed????

    Hey this is great. Open up Pixar Place. This would give so many opportunities for Disney. Studio Backlot hasn't been doing well lately. Not alot of people go, it just isn't bringing in the fans like it used to. So bring in the Monsters Inc. coaster. Hollywood Studios needs a little something. Most other parks have been progressing nicely, you know plenty of rides where the park could easily be a all-day. I can do HS in half a day. So expand Pixar Place!! It's only Toy Story Midway Mania. That's the whole land!! Really hope Disney is making the HS really a new dream.

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    Re: Studio Backlot Bulldozed????

    Since they've canceled the HISK playground rehab I don't think we are going to see anything major happen.

    As for Narnia, I expect that will be replaced with the Prince of Persia franchise for now.

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    Re: Studio Backlot Bulldozed????

    I missed the cancellation of the playground rehab.

    This is why I am guarded with my excitement for the Fantasyland make-over. Throughout my many years I've seen to many projects scaled way back or never happening.

    Here is the photo link to the playground rehad of HISK's
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    Re: Studio Backlot Bulldozed????

    Quote Originally Posted by supernova View Post
    I agree, Gordon. It's only a matter of time before no one remembers Narnia. That's the big problem I have with Universal Studios. They tend to bank their money on popular attractions for the times, but later on, they feel outdated. Men In Black? Twister? Back to the Future??? Yet they took out the Hitchcock and Hannah Barbara, and King Kong rides, which are more timeless than the stupid Ghost Busters car that still drives around the streets there. Now with the Harry Potter world going it, that'll be relevant for about ten years or so, now that the books are done. By the time the Potter fans grow up and forget about the books, the new generation will be on to the new "Twilight" of the decade, whatever that fad turns out to be. So stop calling your rides Jurassic Park and make it a dinosaur ride. Sure, Jaws is a neat ride. But in 2010, what the **** is ET???

    Agree and strongly disagree with you here.

    Narnia 100% agree with you, I think I went in once and was rather baffled by it all. Also strongly agree with you on the Hitchcock and King Kong rides in Universal, maybe not so much the Hannah Barbara.

    With regards to Harry Potter I think you are dead wrong, JK Rowling has set up a legacy that will last for many a year to come IMO.

    Similarly with Jurassic Park, Jaws and E.T, just think about it how many times have you watched these films, then watched them again with your kids etc. I bet I couldnt pick many people off the street young or old who havent seen any of the above films. Just think about Indiana Jones in WDW and DL.

    Men In Black is a bit of a different story, it was a big film but your probably right its not something your kids will be watching in 20 years say, however the ride itself is strong enough with the ride technology and what not to attract people for years to come.

    Anyway with regards to the Backlot tour, I would welcome this with open arms, as stated earlier the area around it has the feel of a bit of a ghost town and doesnt really fit in with the rest of the park and its not somewhere where you would stop to stop or grab a bite to eat, hopefully it will change for the better.


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