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Walt Disney World (WDW) Rumors Discuss New Soarin' Movie??? in the News & Rumors forums; What I'm hearing right now is that is correct - they will have the new film debut in Shangai, "Soarin' Over The World", and then bring it back here after ...
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    Re: New Soarin' Movie???

    What I'm hearing right now is that is correct - they will have the new film debut in Shangai, "Soarin' Over The World", and then bring it back here after a year or so. But what we'll see before then will be a digital overhaul in DCA and Epcot, possible as soon as next year. I was expecting them to be done at the same time.

    IMAX will have a new digital projection system later this year with better resolution and brightness that they can actually use on their largest screens (existing "Digital IMAX" couldn't be blown up well enough). I'm not sure how much work will be needed to adapt it for the lens they use to project on the dome, or how digital will handle it (images on IMAX Dome/Omnimax films are actually distorted, which is corrected by the lens, but the top of the image gets expanded far more than the middle, etc.)

    The big problem, at least for Epcot, is closing or at least cutting the capacity of Soarin' in half to convert to the new system...with Epcot having a lack of E-tickets (Test Track is really the only competition, and even post-rehab still has operational issues), and the Imagination pavilion rumored to close for a while if not indefinitely, Epcot will be in tough shape...

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    Re: New Soarin' Movie???

    Yay! Hope it happens.

    And yeah closing Soarin in Epcot is like closing Everest in AK.
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