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Walt Disney World (WDW) Rumors Discuss DVC eyeing River Country in the News & Rumors forums; It's funny to read back on these and see how circumstances shook out. GF build a DVC and River Country continues to moulder....
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    Re: DVC eyeing River Country

    It's funny to read back on these and see how circumstances shook out. GF build a DVC and River Country continues to moulder.

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    Re: DVC eyeing River Country

    And if Wilderness could work through their transportation issues I'd might seriously consider becoming a DVC owner. GF, not so much. Last I heard Bay Lakes didn't get quite the stampede of new owners like anticipated. Cool location, facilities, not so much other than a view of wishes and you can get that from the hotel. Wilderness has a lot of potential.
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    Re: DVC eyeing River Country

    I've always enjoyed Wilderness... It's an awesome Place... In my opinion...
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    Re: DVC eyeing River Country

    personally dont think this will ever happen just saying lol
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    Re: DVC eyeing River Country

    Quote Originally Posted by JNota0005DakMC View Post
    well... at least they might do something to that disaster that was river country... and doc your right... for DVC to be successful it needs to keep selling... so it must keep building for that to happen...
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    Re: DVC eyeing River Country

    Quote Originally Posted by NC_WDW_Daddy View Post
    It seems odd that DVC would be looking to expand at a time when exisiting resorts are not being filled.
    I am a DVC member, and i periodically receive newsletters from Disney and Non-Disney DVC sites. They are sold out of Bay Lake and Saratoga. They also just added 10 more 2 bedroom units to sell at AKL. You would assume that Grand Floridian will sell out pretty quick. If they do build DVC there, that would be great.

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    Re: DVC eyeing River Country

    It'd be nice to see them finally do something with the RC space but I'd have loved to see RC restored to some of it's former glory, I love the old pictures of the place. Reading that article am I right in thinking they want to create a hotel with an attached water park element? I could imagine DVC selling that pretty well indeed, they're popular types of hotels!
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