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Walt Disney World (WDW) Rumors Discuss Hatbox Ghost in the News & Rumors forums; Obviously this isn't definite as nothing has been released from Disney, but I heard something similar to the hat box ghost could be returning to the haunted mansion in the ...
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    Hatbox Ghost

    Obviously this isn't definite as nothing has been released from Disney, but I heard something similar to the hat box ghost could be returning to the haunted mansion in the near future. A friend got this information from a fairly credible source (not a Disney bus driver lol). When the hatbox ghost was first created, effects didn't always work inside the attraction - obviously technology has greatly improved since then. Apparently the new figure will be placed in between the ballroom scene and the attic - there is an empty dark space there now. Actually, if you ride the attraction now and shine a light on that area (while of course being respectful to other riders), there is a hole cut out of the wall and a black drape covering it. Like I said before, this is a rumor as Disney has not released anything, but I hope its right! This would be perfect for the upcoming 40th anniversary of the park and for the attraction! It seems as if the Hatbox ghost has also been showing up in more merchandise, etc. lately - maybe thats a sign as well
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    Re: Hatbox Ghost

    The only discussion I've seen about the Hatbox Ghost has to do with the del Toro Haunted Mansion movie, not the attraction(s) at all. And all that discussion was a year ago when it was announced with a teaser trailer that featured the ghost, and del Toro said it would be a pivotal character.

    He also appeared in merchandise for the DL HM's 40th anniversary.
    There were rumors he would return to the DL attraction for the 40th, but that didn't happen.

    The Hatbox Ghost never appeared in the WDW attraction, so it seems doubtful there would have been a space for him.

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    Re: Hatbox Ghost

    Haven't heard any rumor to bring in the hatbox ghost.

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    Re: Hatbox Ghost

    I've only heard about him being in the del Toro film as a main character. I think HM enthusiasts want him back in the ride because of the movie.
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    Re: Hatbox Ghost

    Let's be honest here though... if we go by past attraction history, BECAUSE he is the main character in the movie, he'll be added to the ride. I propose Jack Sparrow as an example.
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    Re: Hatbox Ghost

    Beat me to the punch, Jenn.
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    Re: Hatbox Ghost

    There is a cript at the very end of the Haunted Mansion with a hidden Mickey inside and I have wondered if they will add some kind of effect in there.The problem with the original Hat Box Ghost was the effect only worked if you were dead on in front of it so with the possibility of him being in a cript you could only see him when you were dead on in front of the cript.

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    Re: Hatbox Ghost

    Its rumored he may make it back after the new Haunted Mansion Movie
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