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Walt Disney World (WDW) Rumors Discuss Stitches Great Escape in the News & Rumors forums; Here's a photo taken from INSIDE the new Stitch attraction! (shhhhhh)...
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    Stitch Photo from INSIDE!!

    Here's a photo taken from INSIDE the new Stitch attraction! (shhhhhh)

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    Nice pic Lou -- i guess we can't ask where/how you got that pic.

    any more?

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    It must have been delivered by that 'little birdie'. Nice Lou. Thanks for sharing.

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    He is so cute!!! I hope the ride is open by the time I get there!!!!

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    The October DVC Member's Clubhouse email (renamed 'Stitch's Clubhouse') for October announced a November 16 scheduled opening. See the excerpt below:

    What in the World
    Mischief on the web
    Fans of Walt Disney Pictures' hit film Lilo & Stitch, and those who watch Stitch daily on the Disney Channel hit show Lilo & Stitch: The Series, know him as a cuddly but destructive alien prone to hilarious fits of havoc. But what was Stitch like before the hit TV show and movie? Beginning with a scheduled opening on November 16, 2004, Walt Disney World Guests will find out when they come face to face with the mischievous character in a new Magic Kingdom Park attractionóStitch's Great Escape!
    Prior to planning your visit, grab the kids and log on to to download a free online game starring the lovable alien. Help Stitch gather the necessary supplies to build a teleportation device so he can escape the clutches of the Galactic Federation and embark on more exciting adventures. Complete the various puzzle-filled missions and receive a special Galactic Federation decoder used to translate special messages inside the new attraction. Stitch needs all the help he can get, so invite your friends to join the fun and play together!
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    been on stistche's great escape.....ITS HORRIBLE!

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    I agree... I wasn't impressed by Stitch's Great Escape... it was difficult to understand what we being said/going on, so you can't really be surprised or excited by the ride, because you spend most of the time going 'What did he just say?', and 'Did you hear what they said?'... The sad thing is that I never got to see the original Alien Encounter, they closed it about a month before my first trip to WDW, so I can't compare it to the original. Even the little kids in there were bored with the ride... major re-imagineering needed on this one.

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