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Walt Disney World (WDW) Rumors Discuss coaster in space ship earth? in the News & Rumors forums; Look I figure it this way..if all people want is thrill rides..go to Universal. That's what makes it and WDW so different. I understand the thought of having to compete ...
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    Look I figure it this way..if all people want is thrill rides..go to Universal. That's what makes it and WDW so different. I understand the thought of having to compete with Universal, but making tons of thrill rides isnt the way to do it. Those of us who are die hard WDW addicts will always come to WDW over Universal, so long as disney doesnt turn it into Universal

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    Hear, hear. Universal is an excellent choice for well-themed thrill rides (unlike Six Flags), but Disney still has the monopoly on unique, magical rides and exhibits. I'll spend a day at Universal, but a week (at least) at Disney.

    Now, I realize that change is sometimes good...perhaps SSE could do with a rehab or updating. But to put a coaster in there would be a travesty, turn the EPCOT concept on it's ear, and begin the transformation of EPCOT into an eastern version of California Adventure.
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    Nothing Good Going Into Spaceship Earth

    No coaster or anything else of relevance will be going into SSE. Take a peek at this article from Jim Hill.

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    Oh my God I hope this isn't true. SSE is one of my favorite rides - I'll ride 8-10 times in one visit. I can understand updating it, but to make just another rollercoaster would be the beginning of the end of what makes Disney World unique and special. Last time I checked, Disney World is still beating Universal in attendance, and the reason is because it has variety and classic rides that will always be great.

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    I personally can't stand SSE. I think it is very long and boring. However my mom can't do rollercoasters so she makes us go on this at least once per visit. I think it would be great if they could upgrade the ride a little bit. Maybe not into a rollercoaster but to make it a little more exciting. Not to mention the information hasn't been updated sine what the 80s? What about allt he new technology that we've gotten since then? It erally needs to be updated!

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    I don't think this attraction is outdated, much of it content is from the past. Trully, the last part of the ride might need some changes, but really few. As long as they keep the narration by Jeremy Irons and the wonderful music. They should make more comfortable the trains, that is all. Just keep the music and I am going to be really happy.

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    My Dad, especially loves the ride (partially because he takes naps on it), but it'd be ridiculous if a thrill ride was added to it. My biggest fear is Disney changing into something completely new that isn't the same old Disney. Y'all have to remember what Disney was before, and what you want Disney to be in the future. It's cool if they add and have to refurbish attractions that have lost its popularity or whatnot, but Space Ship Earth is a classic ride, just like POTC, IASW, HM, etc. It was there from the start, so let's hope they don't have to take it away. True some things could be updated, but why change into something you won't recognize? It's like telling a 4 year old kid to grow up and have him/her try to remember their lost childhood. We can still keep most of Disney the same. It wouldn't be WDW nor would it be Epcot w/o Space Ship Earth. I think it's just gonna be a refurbishment, and nothing major. They just did Expedition Everest. Why another one so soon?

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    For those that do not enjoy SSE, then don't ride it! I feel as though there are many people that do enjoy it, myself being one of them. Personally, I don't have the energy that I had 20 years ago and its nice to take a relaxing break by riding this attraction. It's also a great way to get out of the heat for sixteen minutes!
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    I always have and always will love Spaceship Earth. It's such a terrific attraction that continues to keep the spirit of the original Epcot Center alive. On our last trip during the first week of January 06, we rode it 4 times. I'll admit that this was a lot, but it was so relaxing and enjoyable for me, my wife, and my friend Dan. My sister-in-law, who likes the ride but isn't too big on it, didn't mind because she could relax and take a rest from walking around Epcot all day.

    I hope the attraction never goes away, but I do agree that some of the end sequences could use updating. I do like the Jeremy Irons narration, so any major update should have him doing a new narration, or Walter Cronkite if he'd be up for it. I wouldn't make any changes to the beginning portions of the ride, but I would update the end with newer technologies and new Audio-Animatronics. There's something ironic about the end of the ride in it's current state where it discusses the latest technologies, yet the A-A's used during this portion are not as advanced as the A-A's at the beginning of the ride. Just a dream to keep the ride alive.

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    When my friend and I went we seriously rode SSE about 6 times. We had a great time looking for Hidden Mickey's and counting how many times we stopped. It was fun, and relaxing. And I love this ride.


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    I hope they keep SSE... if Project Gemini is going to happen, hopefully they'll put it somewhere else...

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    No rollercoaster

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    Thumbs up

    Well I have good news for SSE fans, there is a scheduled upgrade for the ride, but there will be no change in the rides theme this I know. SSE is here to stay

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    Quote Originally Posted by SecondStar
    I swear to God, they're trying to take the most nostalgic attractions away one by one. Don't touch SSE, CoP, or Country Bears!!!!
    im really stupid, and im bad at memorizing the abreviations... whats CoP? carasoul (sp?) of progresss right?

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    been a rumor

    This has been a rumor in EPCOT for about 6 years now.
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