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Walt Disney World (WDW) Rumors Discuss Bye bye Fast Pass??? in the News & Rumors forums; I did say you can get them every 2 hours yes , but really it is every 2 hours or 1 hour after you current entry time, which ever is ...
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    I did say you can get them every 2 hours yes , but really it is every 2 hours or 1 hour after you current entry time, which ever is less. At least thats what the passes used to be, didn't really use them to much in Dec.

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    If you are there in a group, and you plan your rides properly, it is possible (and easy) to use the fastpass sytem to your great advantage. For instance, get a set of fastpasses for Splash mountain and then go wait to ride Big Thunder while the time on the fastpassed "passes". Again, grab passes for Haunted Mansion and have lunch at Harbor House (Yum - best fast food in the Kingdom ), Also, you can send "chickens" who aren't going to ride space mountain over to get Fast passes for Buzz and ride TTA. Even or the busiest days ( whick I avoid as an annual pass holder) I can usually take a group of "newbies" through MK in 6-8 hours and hit all the major rides. ( I don't do Snow White or Peter Pan very often - not worth any wait to me).

    Same idea doesn't really work at Epcot since things are so spread out. Does work for R&R and ToT in MGM.
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    Disney may not be getting the increased revenue they thought they would from the FastPass system, but they're certainly getting happier customers who don't have to wait 4 hours in line for a main attraction... Even with Fastpass, the lines for Soarin at WDW were huge...Fastpass isn't a 'nice to have' for WDW, it's a necessity! When we head back to spend New Years at WDW for 2007, we will NOT be pleased if they have done away with Fastpass!

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    We were just at D-World 2 weeks ago and the fast passes were a
    life saver. We didn't wait in many lines longer than 20min, except soarin. You can get really lucky in some lines if a member of your party is in a wheelchair. My daughter really wanted to ride Peter Pan and the wait was 60min and fast pass times were for after 8pm but we were to meet friends at Epcot. I was going to **** it up and wait but the castmembers got us on within 5min. I was like sweet. Gotta to love it when the fast pass things go wacko and spit out a bunch of passes. That happened while we were getting ready to get ours for Buzz, this guy next to us was like how many do ya'll need? This thing just spit out a bunch, he took 4 and gave us 6.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrendyMagic
    Currently if you do not have a vaild ticket form that day (marked by the machine when you enter) you can not get a FP. It will spit out a ticket that tells you have an invaild ticket, see a CM.

    You are exactly right...I just got back yesterday...I saw several INVALIDS laying on the ground. Also the MANUAL button now has a lock on it. I tried pushing the button (not to get free passes...I was testing the theory so I could post here) and it is locked and doesnt spit out any tickets.

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    The only thing wrong with fastpass is the return time window it gives you. When you get a fastpass it tells you to come back between lets say 1 and 2. Whats wrong with this is, if you waited in a line and did not fast pass you have to wait for people to lollygag back in front of you with fastpasses from anywhere from 1 to 2. the CM's feel obligated to let a guy go if its 1:55 and his fastpass is from 1 to 2. A half an hour is a perfect window of oppurtunity to return for a fastpass. It will keep you in the area and will not congest the fastpass line. We were actually in the standby line a couple of times when that line was moving faster than the fastpass line. It's because ot the hour return window, it lets too many people on at once with no spacing. Don't mean to sound bitter or offensive, just speaking my mind.

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    i dont think that disney will ever get rid of fast passes... but i think maybe they are removing some machines from certain rides that never have long lines and dont serve a purpose...but again i dont think disney will ever get rid of fast passes because they are so convinient and people love them!!!

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