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    Disney Villains Rollercoaster

    I talked to a Disney CM a year ago who told me they were looking into a rollercoaster that younger kids could go on ( 40” height requirement ) themed on the Disney Villains. They said it was going where 20k leagues was, but Pooh’s Playful Spot has opened. Is this true or were these plans abandoned?

    Bryan Derrickson

    Yes yes, but what do you mean we're out of rum?

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    Bryan, while there has been no official announcement of Disney's future plans for the old 20,000 Leagues area, I don't think they have abandoned their plans. You see, I think that the Pooh's Playful Spot is just a place-holder while the land settles, which could take years. It may not be a roller coaster necessarily, but I do believe it will be themed to the Disney villains. In the meantime, the Pooh meet-and-greet area fits right in Fantasyland with the adjacent Pooh attraction.
    Our family is keeping their fingers crossed that the villains will get some recognition by the powers that be!

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    humm I am really not sure but I do like the idea! I think that villians are great! It is so much fun to see them in character acting just as good as the villian they portray!! I think they are much more interesting to talk to.

    P.S. (shh I am now a B Ticket holder!!........well okay I'm proud of myself )

    i luv Tink!

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    I talked about this a couple of podcasts ago in the WDW Rumor Mill section (BTW< check out the rumors posted in the Ask Lou section on the main site)...I think it was show 6 or 7
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    Now THAT would be cool!!

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