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Walt Disney World (WDW) Rumors Discuss Do You Like The Monorails? in the News & Rumors forums; They are almost my favorite thing at Disney....
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    They are almost my favorite thing at Disney.

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    The monorails are great! Smooth, quiet, no traffic jams or big problems with monorail crashes. But seriously, they were very expensive in the seventys, can you imagine what it would cost to extend it today? I would still love to see it, the monorail means I am in WDW and away from the headaches of work.
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    Cinderella Castle

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    the monorails are completely AWESOME!!!

    and, they are also the first thing i remember about Disney World, since the first time i went i have forgotten... it was ten years ago...
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    ahhh my brother has a toy monorail and it says "please keep all hands away from the door and no smoking please."
    I love the monorails!
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    I think that other than Cinderella's castle and the HUGE Epcot ball the Monorail system is one of the things that people remember from their experience of Walt Disney World. I first went in 1993 when i was 6 and the next time i went was 2000 and I was 13 years old and the monorail was one of the only things I remembered, and my boyfriend (who thought it was an Amtrak) remembered it too! SO yes!!! I love the monorail it is a great asset to the WDW theme and loads of fun for all ages!

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    The best way to get around WDW!

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    The monorails, for me, are what start off my first FULL day of my Disney vacation. I love the monorail. One thing that really makes the monorails fun is to go to the front and ask if you can ride in the front. Makes for a great view, unique experience, and great pictures and memories.

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    It is fun riding in the front of the Monorail. I liked the old way the seats were set up. Seemed like it was more comfortable.
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    Monorails are great! Taking the Monorail from MK to EPCOT is a must!

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    Without the monorails, Disney would not be the same
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    who doesnt like them?
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    While I LOVE the monorails, does anyone else think that they get kinda stinky ( i.e Zoo Smell) especially towards the end of the evening? I can imagine it's from everyone sweating all day. I don't know, maybe I was just in a bad car my last ride.
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    LOVE EM!!!!

    I have a special place in my heart for the Pink one. During my first visit when I was 6, pink was my favorite color. I always wanted to ride it every time. Now when I see it, I get sorta emotional thinking about that trip.

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    its a must at wdw
    Its a Small World after all.

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