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Walt Disney World (WDW) Rumors Discuss Boys Character Breakfast in the News & Rumors forums; Has anyone heard anything more about the Character breakfast with Buzz, Woody etc that was being talked about at MGM? We are going in Aug and if it is a ...
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    Boys Character Breakfast

    Has anyone heard anything more about the Character breakfast with Buzz, Woody etc that was being talked about at MGM? We are going in Aug and if it is a go, my DD's would love it!! Just wondering!!

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    Sad to say, it seems like it's been put on a hiatus. Supposedly there's some sort of issue between Pixar and Disney (Kind of odd since they're together now). I'm just going off of what I heard from Mouse Tunes and WDW Today podcasts.
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    From what I've been hearing, it looks like it may be a dead deal altogether. I'll keep you guys updated as I learn more.
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    17 here is EXACTLY what is going on with the Pixar breakfast at studios.... It was supposed to be implemented as of early may, but because the contracts between disney and pixar arent final as of yet, and pixar still is its own until everything is finalized, pixar said no to the idea. It will come...eventually. They are however, supposed to do a character dining experience with the kiddie characters, i.e. jo jo and goliath, and little einsteins, and things of that nature, but it hasnt been set in stone either.... Disney jumped the gun on the pixar super hero dining when they bought out pixar, but since pixar is still temporarily its own, they shot down the idea...bummer huh?

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    What a shame.

    My 5 year old son is a huge Buzz and Woody fan and my 7 year old daughter is a big Jessie fan.

    Over here in the UK we don't get jo jo and goliath (unless you have sky)and some other things so these would be lost on our kids.

    Hopefully by the time we come back in 2008 the Toy Story breakfast will all be sorted out!
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