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Walt Disney World (WDW) Rumors Discuss Spaceship Earth in the News & Rumors forums; Any news about Spaceship Earth. I heard rumors that the ride would be turned into another indoor roller coaster. This is just what Disney needs a duplicate of Space Mountain. ...
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    Spaceship Earth

    Any news about Spaceship Earth. I heard rumors that the ride would be turned into another indoor roller coaster. This is just what Disney needs a duplicate of Space Mountain. I hope this rumor is just that.

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    You're talking about "Project Gemini". Something that Mike Eisner wanted to do in the early to mid 90s. Won't come true because the ride structure in Spaceship Earth is part of the essential support holding up the entire sphere. Spaceship Earth is safe from roller coaster treatment. There are quite a few topics on this subject.
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    They looked into doing this, and for one reason or another, decided it would be too much of an investment. The rumors was that it was to be called "Time Racers", or something like that.

    SE is a weird situation. I believe it is still the most attended ride in all of WDW, but Disney recognizes that its space sould certainly be better served with a serious e-ticket. It's not going anywhere anytime soon. But I think the writing is on the wall for SE.
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    wow this is a old rumor

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    I love SE, it always the first thing I go on when I go to EPCOT....but my 7 YO daughter is always mumbling "boring!" halfway through!

    They turned "World of Motion" into Test Track, and they demolished "Horizons" to build Mission Space. They jammed "Soarin" into the Land pavilion (love the attraction, don't see the connection with it's pavilion), brought Ellen into the "Universe of Energy", removed the Dreamfinder from "Imagination", and are making the Living Seas into Nemo-land. Who's to say that they won't turn SE into a thrill ride? The original idea of EPCOT is being erased by the reality of 21st century visitor's expectations. It's rapidly becoming just another theme-park, which is attached to a mini-World's Fair.

    It's sad to see old favorites go, but, as they say, Progress must Pro-gress! As long as they leave the MK alone.....
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    it would not be a good idea to drastically change spaceship earth, it is a classic attraction and many people would be upset.
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    sterm26 said
    They jammed "Soarin" into the Land pavilion
    uhh... they didn't "jam" it in, they built on to the The Land's building
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    I don't want to see spaceship earth disappear. IT would be cool though to have both SE and a roller coaster in that big ball. Imagine this- The roller coaster was an outdoor coaster like everest and they just put the loading and unloading docks in the big ball. I think it would be good for Epcot to see another good atraction.

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