I really enjoyed the interview with Mr. Ridgeway - I could have listened for hours! I will most certainly get his book over at Amazon. In reference to something specific he said, though...He mentioned how interesting Disney is because anytime you are in the parks you are truly engulfed in the experience - so much so that you almost forget about the outside world. This really hit home for me - and Im sure there are a million stories out there like this - from a visit back in October of 2001. My wife and I had just spent the day in MGM Studios and were heading toward the buses when we received a call from my father-in-law telling us that we had been bombing Afghanistan all day. Needless to say it jolted us back into the real world in no time! It's funny to think that a place can be so insulating that we forget - even just for the day - about the world around us. I suppose this is both good and bad. Just thought I'd share those thoughts about the show - which I could not have enjoyed more.