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    WDWRadio Show 12 - April 29, 2007

    Welcome back to The WDW Radio Show – Your Walt Disney World information Station, hosted by Lou Mongello. Thanks for tuning in once again. This is Show #12 for the week of April 29, 2007.

    A look at Walt Disney World News and Reviews this week is followed by a quick trip to the Walt Disney World Rumor Mill. Lou and Jeff Pepper continue with look at an extinct Epcot pavilion and attraction as part of their Epcot Retrospective series, in their celebration of the upcoming 25th anniversary of Epcot. This week, they take a detailed look at Horizons, one of the most beloved and missed attractions in Walt Disney World’s history. This journey will cover the attraction’s origins and history, some of the pervasive themes that ran through it, an in-depth trip through the ride itself, fun facts and trivia, rare audio clips, music, when and why it closed and more. Lou welcomes Pam Forrester to the show as they discuss one of Walt Disney World’s Best of the Best. This time, it’s the best character meal experience outside of the parks. Finally I will answer more of your email and play some of your voicemails, so sit back, relax and enjoy this week’s episode of the WDW Radio Show! View this week's show notes.

    You can email the show at or call the voicemail at 206-202-4WDW.
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    Wow . . . thanks for a terrific walkthrough of Horizons. I can't believe how much I forgot about. I was disappointed to see Horizons go, although I only really remembered 3 things - the desert orange grove, the Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow being sung in the bathtub scenes, and the customized endings. Frankly, my memory tells me that I wasn't impressed by the ending . . . your walkthrough reminded me of how cool it was.

    Corporate sponsorship is a precarious thing. It diminishes the attraction in some ways when they drop out . . . witness the boarded up cavern that was the post show area of Spaceship Earth. I'm glad to see that money has loosened up enough that companies like Siemens are coming to the table. (And a big shout-out to Jeff for a very cool blog.)

    Another great show, Lou. Thanks, again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by T Morrows Child View Post
    (And a big shout-out to Jeff for a very cool blog.)
    Thanks. That was very nice of you to say!
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    Another great show!

    Unfortunately I did not come to know the wonderful World of Disney until after Horizons was closed, so it was neat to hear such a detailed description of the attraction. I have heard the audio several times and always tried to picture what was going on. Your walkthrough helped.

    I second the comments about Jeff's blog. I am always amazed at all the cool things he puts up.

    Can't wait for next Sunday. Thanks.

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    Thanks for reading my e-mail, Lou! Even though you pronounced my last name wrong, lol, you provided me with just the info I was looking for. Another awesome show. Keep up the great work Lou (and Jeff!)
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    As always, a WONDERFUL show. Jeff - you and Lou have GREAT EPCOT retrospectives - and if you're not a reader of Hyperion - you SHOULD be. It's a wonderful blog!!!

    I miss Horizons...maybe I'll do a post or two about it on my blog.

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    freaky moon thing

    If I remember correctly, that freaky moon thing with the rocket in it's eye was the recreation of a scene in the silent film based on Vernes' From the Earth to the Moon...

    Great show!
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    I didn't become a Disney-holic until the mid 90's and always procrastinated when it came to checking out Horizons. After listening to that great walk through by Lou and Jeff, I am both disappointed and grateful . It sounds like I missed out on seeing a true "Walt-esk classic". I know!!, my penance will be to say ten Hail Marys and ride CoP and Tikki Room every time I visit WDW from now on.

    Keep up the great work Lou and Jeff. I can't wait for the next informative segment about an attraction I'll never see (only kidding, you guys are great)
    I know, why don't you do one on Beastly Kingdom and we all can be dissapointed together.

    Here's to a great big beautiful tomorrow,

    Dave in Paramus
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    Just got it downloaded. I was just wondering does anyone know if there is a video of the old horizons attraction never got to see it.

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    "I was just wondering does anyone know if there is a video of the old horizons attraction never got to see it."

    Jeff Lange has a DVD that can be found for purchase on several websites (ie: It was a REALLY cool ride!!
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    I was so happy to listen about Horizons, because I might have never ridden it for some reason or another, but now I'm even more saddned that I never experienced it. But I'll always look forward to new horizons....
    Anyways it was a very excellent show, keep uo the good work!
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    Hey, Lou.
    Almost every week I wonder how the show will get better but it always does!! You and Jeff "geeking-out" with Horizons was AWESOME!!! The segments you guys do are always so much fun!! I love the historical ties and all the little details that you guys put into the topics. Also, I think you guys are right on with the big thrill rides vs. the 'classic' rides. I hope Disney keeps adding those 'classic' family-style rides and doesn't focus too heavily on the big thrills!!

    Thanks again for yet another FABULOUS podcast!!

    Can't wait 'til next Sunday!
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    In the Horizons segment, there was talk of the difficulty of showing 'the future' and keeping it updated. Yet it was pointed out that much of the Horizons future still hasn't happened. So what gives?

    I think the issue is mainly a design/fashion one, not a science or technology issue. The clothes, colors, designs etc that are viewed today as futuristic are quickly dated in 5 to 10 years as fashion trends move that fast. Hyroponics and sub-sea living and regular space travel are all possible now but could still be talked about as future things - since we don't do them now. But dress the characters in "future" clothes from 10 years ago and you have some real credibility issues.

    In my mind, that is the main reason Tomorrowland had to 'give up' and become a sort of art-deco tomorrow-of-the-50s area. Yet the land pavillion still rings true, as if they are talking about today's cutting edge science. The difference is putting people and design into the mix.

    So my blue-sky solution would be to rebuild Horizons but take out the quick to fade design elements. Maybe the people become audio only, maybe the scenes become pure science. Just a thought.

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    when lou said " drink the kool aid" i almost rolled out of my chair!!!!

    i havent heard that one in YEARS!!!!!

    i loved it!
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    I have to say, I have often been disappointed that I missed, due to my age, so many great talents and people in this world like Elvis, John F. Kennedy and Walt Disney . I didn't really appreciate Elvis when he was alive because I was too small to understand what a phenomenon he was. It would have been great to have "known" them in their time. All I have now is their history. Oh well... whatcha gonna do right?

    Now, I find myself sort of disappointed that I missed out on so many great attractions at WDW. Listening to Jeff & Lou talk about Horizon's makes me realize I really missed out on something very special. Dagnabit!! I will not let that happen again!! I've tried to experience everything in WDW that I possibly could, so when something else goes by the wayside, I can say, hey I did that/saw that. This sense of missing out on great stuff is what propelled me to go to Disneyland last summer so that I could say and know that I was in DL for some of the 50th Celebration. I didn't miss it! I am still happy that I had the chance to experience that!

    As usual Lou, you have put together a fine show! Your segment with Jeff was probably as close as I could come to actually experiencing Horizons myself. Thanks to Jeff for having so much great information and insight into this attraction at Epcot.

    My favorite one-liner of the show... One less mouth to feed Kid! That was a great one Jeff!!

    And yes, I drink the Kool-Aid too!
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