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The WDW Radio Show Disney Podcast Discuss Changes to the FASTPASS System? in the The WDW Radio Show forums; I'd say leave FastPass alone. I wouldn't and don't want to pay for a time to ride Splash Mountain. Ditto for any other ride. The Six Flags park by me ...
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    I'd say leave FastPass alone.

    I wouldn't and don't want to pay for a time to ride Splash Mountain. Ditto for any other ride.

    The Six Flags park by me has a pay for ride system, and I barely see anyone utilizing it. Park Passes are expensive enough.

    I wouldn't want one FastPass distribution point per park. I could go for one distribution point per land or area. Get all of FantasyLand's fastpasses at one place. That might work.

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    I like fastpass as it is currently and use it to my advantage on every trip. But, I would love to see some of the improvements mentioned by Lou and Len "Lou, oh Lou" Testa on WDW Today. I never really thought about perks for AP holders or DVC members (I'm usually both), but I do like the idea of resort guests getting some advantage. Resort guests already have some advantages, the biggest being EMH, but the more Disney treats their own resort guests as first class citizens, the more they get those people to return and spend more $$ in their hotels, restaurants, etc. Disney isn't really after us - the people reading here - they've already got us. They want that first time visitor to become a second and third time visitor...handing them a pass to a ride of their choice at check-in probably wouldn't hurt that process.

    The improvement that I liked the most was the one Len mentioned on being able to schedule fast passes from your room. Obviously you shouldn't be able to say, "Give me one of each!" It should be limited to 2 to 3 FPs for that day, and have the times differ throughout the day. Example: You know you're going to the MK, so you get a Space Mountain FP for 10am. You want to ride Splash, too, so when you put in for that one you get a time of 3PM. Your third one would have to be after 7PM. Other FP attractions would be available to you as normal, except the three rides you pre-scheduled to ride. That would be the "cost," IMO; schedule from your room you only get one FP for that attraction that day.

    I'm not a fan of the central kiosk, either. I'd prefer to see the central kiosk be your room, as noted above. The central kiosk in the park would just be a mad house...think Soarin' FP area at 9:05am x10.

    I do like the idea of the family fast pass, too. Tie family tickets together, so whenever one is put in the machine all your fastpasses spit out. This could be an issue if you're a family of four and have a couple non-thrill riders with you and you want to grab two for Rock'n Roller Coaster and two for the Tower. So, maybe a couple of huge buttons that light up with your option of "Individual" or "Family" if the option is available.

    Overall, I think the system could be tweaked a little to offer a few perks to people and not really disrupt the current flow of the system. I don't like the idea of taking anything away that's currently there, but adding things on for resort guests is a natural part of doing business for Disney. If it's tiered to which resort you're in, that wouldn't be all that shocking, either.

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