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The WDW Radio Show Disney Podcast Discuss Best day to visit each park? Huh? in the The WDW Radio Show forums; I was listening to the podcast and Lou's guest speaker (can't remember his name) mentioned that to avoid big crowds it was best to avoid MK on Monday, Epcot on ...
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    Best day to visit each park? Huh?

    I was listening to the podcast and Lou's guest speaker (can't remember his name) mentioned that to avoid big crowds it was best to avoid MK on Monday, Epcot on Tuesday, MGM on Wednesday, and Animal Kingdom on Thursday. To me, this seems like a pretty random tip which doesn't make much sense to me. I can understand Monday for MK because it still gets the most people but then again, wouldn't a weekend day get the most people? It just seems funny to me to hear "Don't go to MGM on Wednesday, it's most packed then." Uh, why? On Wednesday? I'm sure there is some logic to the statement but unless you had official park numbers to make calculations, you might have a tough time convincing me. I'm a frequent visitor to the parks and in my humble opinion, if you go to WDW during peak season, it really doesn't matter what day you go to which park. It's crowded everywhere. WDW has added so many theme parks and so many hotel rooms that even the extra magic hours are no big deal. Heck I even avoid MK when it opens early for extra magic hours - it's insanely crowded.

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    P.S. The best days to visit each park is an estimate based on actual crowd estimations over the years. Several WDW fan sites have elaborate tables for the whole year. In my experience the days given in the podcast you listened to is accurate, but remember that an given day can have unexpected increases or drops in attendance based on weather, other countries' vacations, etc.
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    Have to agree...There is a lot of data that goes into these facts. A lot of people who travel in and out of WDW tend to do so on Saturday. This actually makes the MK a good park to visit on Saturday.

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    i would agree, the weekends are the usual time for family's to head out on vacations. You either try to leave on a friday or saturday so you can spend the week at the parks. Most families will then of course go to MK first on either sunday or monday, then the other parks during the rest of the days. The best thing to do would be to reverse the normal park visitation flow as to miss huge crowds. the other facts of other countries on holiday or different seasons affects it as well, like Jiminy Cricket said.

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    I know that Sundays at MK are always packed. I usually avoid Mondays there too. The Middle fo the week is pretty solid for any park during the Septmeber or late Jan early Feb that I visit WDW

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