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Poll: Where do you listen to Lou?

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The WDW Radio Show Disney Podcast Discuss Where Do You Listen to the Podcasts? in the The WDW Radio Show forums; I listen to them at home....
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    Norfolk, Va
    I listen to them at home.

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    i always listen at home....but sometimes in the car

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    Most of my time is spent with my 2.5 year old, and the car is no exception. So we mostly listen to her music, love the Wiggles! I get in my WDW Radio Show fix when I can, the odd car trip without DD and in the kitchen when I'm making dinner.
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    Most often I listen while cooking and doing household chores. I've never enjoyed my chores so much before!
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    Definitely at Work
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    Where do I listen?

    I listen at work via Lou's handy-dandy web based player. (don't have an ipod ) - A social network for amusement & theme park fans

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    While at the gym, training hard for the marathon... (and now that it's finished, I listen at the gym anyway because I gotta keep up the fitness, right?!)
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    It is a must on my Monday morning commute.

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    I listen to the podcast on my drive to work on mondays. It is really the only thing that gets me to work on Mondays.
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    I listen to lou along with all my other disney podcasts while I am at work. I sit at a computer all day, being a graphic designer, so I have plenty of time to listen to the show. Before all the other ones of course. Peace.

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    I listen to the podcast when I'm in the car on my way to work or even when I'm working out. Either way I have a great opportunity to listen to the show and get my fix!

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    Massachusetts (much too far from WDW)
    All of the opportunities listed in the poll; home, travelling & exercising.

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    I choose "all of the above!" I listen while I'm commuting, sometimes I listen at work, I listen to them while working out, and I listen to them at home!

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    During the summer I'll listen when I walk my dog. My dog enjoys having the podcast because Sunday means a really long walk. During the Winter I listen to it at school and work. If we have a cool teacher, we can as they say "plug in", or listen to music. After school I work at the most pointless job so I am allowed to listen. I lifeguard for the State Finalist Highschool Swim Team. (Why the need a lifeguard I do not know) But as I scan the water I can listen to it. Hopefully people don't think I'm weird when I randomly laugh.

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    I chose other, but all of the above would have been more acurate, i listen on the computer at home, on my mp3 player when i'm away from the computer at home, or in the car, i must say that having podcasts to listen to while running erands and doing chores, does make those things MUCH more enjoyable.

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