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    WDW Radio Show Disney podcast - #29 - Aug. 26, 2007

    Welcome to the WDW Radio Show, your Walt Disney World Information Station. This is Show #29 for the week of August 26, 2007.

    Because I was away for the past few days, I don't have any new or rumors for you this week, but promise to cover all thatís new and notable next week. Instead, I have a number of segments I think you'll enjoy.

    We'll start off first with an interview with Tim Foster, author of a number of wonderful Walt Disney World books, including his all new Guide to the Magic.

    With Epcot's 25th anniversary coming up on October 1, I wanted to tell you about Celebration 25, a fan-created event in the park honoring the occasion, and one that I'll be attending and sponsoring. And to discuss it further, I've brought on the eventís co-founder, Adam Roth. There's still time to register and join us, so be sure to listen to not only some of the great things Adam has planned, but how Disney has gotten behind the event.

    And speaking of Epcot's 25th, it's time for another segment in our Epcot Retrospective series. This time, Jeff and I explore one of Epcotís most unique pavilions in concept and design, as well as some of the most beloved characters ever created by Disney. Of course, this is our own "Journey Into Imagination" with Dreamfinder and Figment. We'll talk about the attractionís history, revisit it scene-by-scene, discuss the changes over the years and more.

    I'll get back to more of your emails and voicemails next week, so sit back, relax enjoy this week's episode of The WDW Radio Show.

    Be sure to view this week's complete show notes page.

    You can email the show at or call the voicemail at 206-202-4WDW. Thanks for listening! Be sure to tune in next week to the WDW Radio Show Disney podcast!
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    Allow me to be a Disney nit-picking nerd by getting on Jeff Pepper's case for reciting the One Little Spark song incorrectly! When referring to Figment, it's not "nice big and yellow.." - it's "eyes big and yellow." Ok, nerd session over.

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    Well, excuse me while I kiss this guy . . .

    (Anyway, I stand corrected. . .)

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    I was gearing up for a rebroadcast of a previous show just because Lou had so much traveling going on last weekend, but somehow he managed to get a new show out. Job well done - even if there was a mis-quote. Guess you guys can accuse listeners of not being attentive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffcot View Post
    Well, excuse me while I kiss this guy . . .

    (Anyway, I stand corrected. . .)

    Alas, it's my duty as Disney nerd. I remember one time my sister and I had an argument about the lyrics to the first song in the American Adventure. When it gets to the part about the cold winter, my sister said it goes "...may leave all more dead." I said no it's "... may leave 'em all dead." I said to her, how can you have more dead if they're all dead?"

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    Great show, Lou! I enjoyed hearing you and Jeff talk about one of my favorite attractions, Journey Into Imagination.I geeked out and left a voicemail today regarding some clarifications, especially the one regarding the camera which "supposedly" took your picture. Hopefully you can air that and see if jogs anybody's memory. I sure do miss the original attraction.

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    Another great show, Lou. I really enjoy the segments you do with Jeff Pepper. I could listen to the two of you talk for hours on end. Wait a sec .... I do. heh
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    That my head...won't stop

    Another great show. Thanks Lou and Jeff!

    Having never rode the original JII I had to go out to youtube and dig up a video of it. I can see why it was so beloved but that song is more infectious than Small World. It's been in my head ALL WEEK!!! AAAAHHHHHH! make it stop! imagination imagination. hehe

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    Hey Lou -- thanks for the walk down memory lane! I only rode the original Journey twice, but I remembered a lot of the scenes you mentioned and enjoyed re-living them!

    I also have to say that thanks to an earlier podcast you did, I bought "The Disneyland Detective" book in preparation for our upcoming trip west, and I'm really enjoying it! I've been to DLR dozens of times but I'll have even more to look for on this trip! Thanks for the recommendation!

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    Great show Lou!!! I didn't remember all of the details of the original ride, I just got to ride it once on my first visit to WDW, so it was nice to stroll down memory lane and remember all of those great details this ride had to offer. Too bad they refurbed it, I didn't like the new version, Figment is totally out of his original character, I was not convinced at all. Oh, well, kudos for the great show and for the memories.
    Can't wait to go back !!!
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    After listening to the interview with Tim Foster and hearing Lou's comments on how great the "Guide to the Magic for Kids" book is I decided to order it for my 6 year old daughter to bring on our trip this October.

    The price was $29.95 with free shipping. The book arrived within 6 days (including a long holiday weekend).

    It is a very large book with tons of great information, stickers and activities.

    I think it will be a great tool for keeping my daughter busy while standing in lines and while moving between attractions.

    I would recommend the book to anyone with school aged kids.

    Thanks LOU !

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    Does anyone have a layout of either Journey Into Your Imagination or Journey Into Imagination with Figment?

    I found the original layout for Journey Into Imagination on ebay. It's attached to the post.
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    Thanks for this Imagination review. I was just at Epcot a couple of weeks ago with my brother (his 2nd visit, my 6th) and I told him I knew something had been upstairs, but couldn't remember what. I had been to Epcot for 1 day visits in 1993 & 1994 so my memory was a little rusty. Thanks again for clearing that up for me.

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