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The WDW Radio Show Disney Podcast Discuss Your Spookiest Moments in Walt Disney World in the The WDW Radio Show forums; Going on the Great Movie Ride is scary enough for me. This ride has increasingly disappointed me over the past few years. The show has no life to it and ...
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    Going on the Great Movie Ride is scary enough for me.

    This ride has increasingly disappointed me over the past few years. The show has no life to it and fails to enterain continuously the way Jungle Cruise can.
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    Wait a minute I love that idea!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GalPal View Post
    Last year I decided to try and visit every one of the WDW Resorts in a single day using only Disney Transportation. Well, I did it. But...

    Fort Wilderness was my last stop. I had taken the boat from Wilderness Lodge. I disembarked by the Trading Post and was walking towards Pioneer Hall. Now, I had no idea that the Headless Horseman made an appearance several times a night for the Haunted Hayride at Fort Wilderness. It was very dark out and out of nowhere, comes the Horseman galloping circles around me. I nearly wet my pants. By the time I realized what was going on and fumbled for my camera, he had galloped off towards the old River Country entrance.

    Now that I look back on it, I realize it was a very cool experience. But, at the time, it scared the living bejeebers out of me!

    Thats Insane! I would have passed out. Awesome story. WL and FW are the best.

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    Scariest Moment

    Hey folks,

    I'd have to say the scariest moment anywhere on property is the photo-op of the Carnotaur. No matter how many times I go on it, the moment we stop in the dark and he roars.. lightning strikes... i always think "What if this time its a real one..."

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    I've got two pretty spooky moments, one of which comes with a picture. This one happened just this past Sunday, as I was attending my very first MNSSHP. For those of you who have seen the Boo To You parade, you are familiar with how the grave diggers during the Haunted Mansion segment as part of their routine will hit their spades against the street and slide them around in a big arc to create sparks (and for those of you who didn't know this, sorry for the spoiler). This makes for a very cool effect, but also led to a rather startling moment for me.

    I had heard about this effect, but had never seen it before, and so when I saw these gravediggers approaching, I got my camera all ready to take a picture. The only problem was that I didn't know where exactly in their routine they did this spark thing. I saw them do it once as they approached, still several yards away from me, but I wasn't sure if they would do it again before they passed me. As they drew up exactly even with me again, down came the shovels, all in unison "BANG!", one guy was literally only a couple feet away from me. I was already thinking "this is going to make a great shot!", and as such, I was only half paying attention to the routine as I simultaneously kept an eye on the little green light on my camera LCD that tells me when the autofocus is locked down. It had just locked and I was just pressing the shutter button the rest of the way to capture the shot (keep in mind this all took approximately 1-2 seconds from the time the spades all slammed down), when I realized suddenly that the shovel of the grave digger nearest me was coming straight at my knee, and was looking WAY too close for comfort! (I was seated exactly even with the rope, but he was really close) Abandoning any hope of capturing the picture, I instinctively pulled my leg backwards as fast as I could, half expecting to feel a painful crack as the steel shovel collided hard with my kneecap, and was greatly relieved when the arc of his shovel fell just short of me. As soon as he passed, I looked at the scrape it created in the pavement, and estimated the distance between the shovel and my knee to be no more than just a couple inches. Scared the Pooh Bear out of me!

    Funny thing was, even though I had abandoned all hope of taking the picture as I saw that hunk of metal coming hurling at my knee, my camera did not. I had already pressed the button far enough to set off the camera, and it did just as it was told. Granted my aim was off because of the panic, and so you can't see the sparks coming from the tip like I had intended... but it does give a nice idea of how close it came to hitting me!

    The next story doesn't include a picture, but is actually something some of you may have heard about before, as it is from a story I posted over in the Cast Member Appreciation forums last spring. In short, my girlfriend and I were trying to get in one last trip through the Haunted Mansion just minutes before the park closed for the night. Unsure of whether or not we'd even get in at that time, we were pleasantly surprised by a butler who would soon prove to be the absolute best Haunted Mansion butler I have ever experienced, even to this day. He was good... really in character, never broke from it once, and did an amazing job of creating a humorous and yet still very creepy feeling about him the entire time he was with us. But what topped off his performance was what another Cast Member at the Mansion I talked to later said was his "signature act", and to be entirely honest, actually had me confused and startled for a moment... something that hasn't happened to me at the HM since I was quite young.

    Anyway, I'll skip the details leading up to it and just jump ahead to the part that really got me... this "signature act" of his. While in the stretching room, he paced in and out of the small crowd, circling closely around a number of the guests, getting uncomfortably close to a number of us. And in fact, he was standing with his face just inches from mine when he suddenly reached up and snapped his fingers loudly, perfectly timed to appear as though he had turned out the lights by doing so, plunging the room into total darkness. And when the lights came back on... he was gone.

    He wasn't standing right next to me anymore. So I quickly scanned the room for him. Still couldn't find him. "Where the heck did he go?" I was thinking to myself, my gut filling with a nervous excitement... I'd never seen a maid or butler disappear from the room during the blackout before. I'd seen them move around the room, or try to surprise a guest by walking right up next to them in the dark... but never before had one vanished. My girlfriend was also spinning her head around the room looking for him, and I heard her murmer pretty much the same thing, "Where'd he go?"

    Finally I heard a mother across the room from me whisper excitedly to her daughter "Look! What happened to him?", pointing to a spot on the ground just behind me. I whipped around and looked down at my feet, and there, laying sprawled out on the floor, facedown on the carpet in an odd, twisted, uncomfortable looking manner, was our butler. Or rather... what appeared to be the body of our butler. My stomach jumped for a second when I spotted him, and even though I knew he was fine, and that he was acting, this didn't do anything to take away from the fact that it was just plain creepy... not to mention outstandingly well-performed. He continued to lay there, unmoving, until the last of us had left the room. I actually waited for a few seconds as the last one to leave the room, just to see if he would get up, and he didn't. For all I knew at the time... he could have actually died that night. The only way I knew that he didn't was because I saw him alive and well again a few days later, this time at the operator's console checking safety bars.

    If you want to read the full story about my experience with Danny the Haunted Mansion Butler on March 24th, 2006, (as I suggest you do, as well as check out some of the other outstanding CM stories to be found over there), you can do so by clicking on this link here:

    Thanks for taking the time to read all this. "And now I will raise your safety bar... and a ghost will follow you home!"
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    That is so scary cool! I hope I get to see him when I go...

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    If thats the Danny I met, he was on CP and was actually really good. But I didn't know that sort of thing could be done. I would love for it to happen.
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