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The WDW Radio Show Disney Podcast Discuss Show 48 - Rumor Mill thoughts in the The WDW Radio Show forums; I thought I would break down the rumors from Show 48 (I know I'm a week late), and maybe spark some discussion with some of the "bigger, dare I (Lou) ...
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    Show 48 - Rumor Mill thoughts

    I thought I would break down the rumors from Show 48 (I know I'm a week late), and maybe spark some discussion with some of the "bigger, dare I (Lou) say wilder rumors."

    ABC Theater - Rumor codename The Stars of Hollywood Hills. I think this would not be a very good idea as I think one of the things that led to the ultimate demise of Superstar TV was that many guests went once and then said 'I don't want to get picked' and never went again.

    Change to Butler and Maid's dialogue - This would probably be a good idea. Sometimes you get really good CM's and other times you get the scared ones who are maybe a little afraid to be over the top. I think having it on paper would make all of the CMs that much better. Plus you might get some personalized touches by the very good ones.

    New Contemporary DVC building being 12 stories tall - Great. Will it also have panaromic views? I hope so. I also hear that they are waiting on the DVC announcement until they sell more Saratoga and Animal Kingdom units. There is also some info about the Concourse Steakhouse moving. I thought that this was already being facilitated with The Wave opening in the old Fiesta Fun Center, but the Dining Plan can always necessitate (sp?) more restaurants. Just don't mess with my Outer Rim and I'll be happy.

    Rumors on the Wild Side

    Nothing New is going in the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot - Wow, this stinks. However, what about the all the talk about an updated Star Tours film. Is that not going to happen too. Are there to be no new pavillions in World Showcase either? Thats always a popular rumor. While I like to think that TPTB in California always have something on the grill for WDW I think that their focus has shifted to Anaheim, especially with the big DCA announcement. Also, I guess as long they are putting $$ into a little more TLC, upkeep and maiantenance I dont really mind not having new attractions for a while.

    Pop Century and a new resort- Pop Century - That is too bad. New Resort - Did Lou say it was going to be on the monorail or just "closer to Disneys Polynesian Resort?" I could see Disney eating some land between the parking lot, Shades of Green and the Poly, but where would they put a new resort on the monorail next to the Poly? between the wedding pavillion and the dinner show theater?

    Evening high end all inclusive Park - $300 admission all you can eat food (evening only I'm guessing)? I once saw a family spend $95 at the Columbia Harbor House and then the man looked at the CM and said "$100 for chicken?" I guess I can see the cost but thrill Rides? Too expensive for Disneys standards, what do you think; Is Disney interested in building a Hulk Coaster?


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    I totally am bumbed that nothing " new" is scheduled.
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    The $300 evening park sounds like it could be the possible 'villians' theme park and if that's it, then I would probably guess it'll be like HHN (Halloween Horror Nights) all year round, a non-stop party like atmosphere with a whole lot of drunks and scaracters and thrill rides and of course, the haunted houses, although I don't think this park will be focusing on haunts or walk through houses, but still will have a feel similar to that of HHN.

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